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Friday, August 14, 2009

cycle cars

These are some of the cars we made for Shell Mileage Marathon

Car 19 was made by the driver and achieved 94 miles per gallon.This car had mini front wheels Datsun gearbox and a Dihatsu differential with a robin 5hp Robin motor out of an old cement mixer with loose belt drive to the gearbox.The mud guards were from my box trailer come to think of it the front wheels came from the same trailer mmmm.

Car11 got 150 miles per gallon and was articulated and was originally powered by a 10hp Honda driving a large fan until I crashed it and rolled it on its roof,This car crashed several times during development.

Car 20 got first in the experimental section of the energy challenge 33rd overall and was(I believe) to be the first and only Shell Mileage Marathon car to be registered to drive on Australian roads.The bloke with the hat is Ernie Dingo the TV presenter. The funny thing is when he presented himself I didn't have a clue who he was :). Hi Ernie I know you now!!!!!

The PIRTEK car won the transmission drive award for unique drive system.Was powered by a Kawasaki engine.
All cars won the gas guzzlers award in the Shell Mileage Marathon

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