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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sustainable minds?sustain NSW

This photo shows a bus stopped at a red light and is contravening a no stopping sign,where are the revenue getter's here they can't loose..Taken at Albion Park in NSW

Talk about highway robbery the state government in NSW Australia takes the cake sorry money for confusion.In the picture with the 50 speed marker you will notice fifty metres further on there is 100 marker the photo was shot while standing in a 100 speed area.Amazing going from 100 to 50 then back to 100 in 50 metres."Cool A".All the traffic does 100. When will some imaginative copper set a speed camera here? Photo taken at Yallah in NSW

And finally the 60 and 80 signs,do you add them up giving 140 or do you subtract them giving 20 this would be the speed for the next 30 miles.But then they do have a 20 speed sign?Look again the 60 is in front of the 80 so does that mean you can do 60 till the next sign80 the photo was taken in a 110 speed area. This was taken at Gundagai NSW. Please feel to add some more to the comments it could be interesting


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