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Monday, September 28, 2009

wind water generators

Don't be fooled into saving 90% of your electricity from the wind or water power. It can be done and is only for knowledgeable amateur's. There is many pitfalls along the way there is some good stuff to be learnt from the net and would advise the following site. This is one of the better sites for good information, what would happen if the turbine was in suburbia and the fan blade hurt someone. Could it happen, yes, we built a car with a fan driving it and I rolled it and the blades smashed and the blades went over 200 yards from the crash site. I'm not saying don't do it cause it is fun and yes you can save money try charging batteries at first then go onto bigger stuff.
Little generator little power little money little trouble, big generator big every thing else.
Our water generator (hydro electric) was 7.5 kilowatts three phase using a cross flow turbine, 12 inches wide 14inch diameter running at 200rpm, driving a generator at 1500 rpm, and a head of water of 4 metres and a water flow of 3,000 gallons / minute. this might sound complicated and to the untrained it is.
If you have any questions I will try to answer them here. cheers Stewart

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