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Monday, November 23, 2009

bath tub burns

Paint several marks on your bath tub one for cold water say blue mark, then top up with hot water to the temperature required and  put on a second red mark. Doing this for several levels allows you to fill the bath with cold water and then with hot lessening the chances of a child being scalded with terrible burns. Bath tub makers this is a free idea for your new bath tubs.
For the bath installers and plumbers put the spout at the side near the wall and the water will be stirred when the water is turned on it is less likely a child will fall against the spout as well.

Check out the stats on burns and you will be horrified.
Don't believe me check it out for yourself.
 In fact I challenge you to dispute this, go on provide the facts I will publish them here.
What I am saying is someone give me a comment it lonely here in computer land...:)
If you dont want to leave a comment click an add so I can give the money to the local bush fire brigade.

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