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Monday, November 23, 2009


If you set up an experiment to replicate the barrage on the fresh water side you will understand what is happening in the system as far as the water goes. Get a baking dish and a sponge to represent the soil and the dish to hold the water. Put the sponge in the dish and fill with water, Then suck the water out as the sun does threw evaporation and the water will level itself allowing more water to be sucked out keep repeating toll there is no water and see how long this takes to dry out the sponge. Do the same experiment again but put the water back to the same level twice a day ( this is to simulate the tides) and see how long it takes to dry out the sponge. Now in reality the land is the sponge and the catchment is the dish. What will happen if the water is not allowed back into the barrage is self explanatory . The land will dry out over time and it will take a lot of  time to get the water back into the land especially if there is no rainfall. Now do another experiment fill the dish with dirty water and boil the water off ,this is what the sun does and is called evaporation, and fill the dish again with dirty water and boil off, do this as many times as you like. Add in some chemicals and phosphates and cattle urine and droppings and you have a solution that is saltier and more sterile then the sea water.Then take a fan and blow the dust into the air for animals and humans to breathe and you will have health problems to add to the senario.I now ask you, do you want this to happen, do you want to live in this enviroment and as a tourist do you want to come to see this.

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