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Friday, November 27, 2009


We had two chooks and they produced an egg a day each. they were white one had a few brown feathers on the chest and its eggs were just off white the totally white chook had totally white eggs. Henny was the one with brown feathers and Penny was the other. The farmer next door had 18 chooks and his cattle dog killed the lot in one go. There was one left and she made her escape to our place and moved in she was our refugee chook. She was the darkest of the lot but white as well. We called her Jenny.  We had a little bantam chook that was given to my wife by her cousin and it came there as a chicken. It slept with the dog and thought it was a dog one morning the chicken turned into a rooster and let the dog know at five in the morning. Well the dog being a quite dog was woke up by the chicken and he jumped to his feet and as he was sleeping in the kitchen. He demolished the kitchen in the dark turned the table over and chairs were knocked flying by the rampaging dog who had just been woken by the rooster trying to crow.The roosters name was Nuggsy he would attack anything that came into the yard even people.When we turned the light on the dog stood there looking up and trying to say it wasn't me. His name was Cooper. Getting back to the story if you crush the white eggs and put the broken shells in the garden they keep the white butterflies away, the chook has to be totally white or it dosn't work. Everything gets a name the car is Julie the tree out the front is Willy I think its an english or girl thing.

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