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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

free fuel for the life of your new car

Free fuel for the life of your new car.unlimited warranty and we pay you if it breaks down......That's the talk of a salesman who sells you the new car..Here's a free tip go and sit in the costumers lounge at there workshop and watch with bated breath as the costumer has to pay the bill he just got, when his car is in the full warranty period. Just watch out book the car in at $110 / hour and they keep the car for a day." Just leave it here at 8.30 am and pick it up a 5.30" This equates to 10 hours at $110/ hour=$1100 for the time it was there plus parts that you have broken. Then they claim off the manufacturer the correct price and there profit goes threw the roof. Thats what they wanted to do with my new Zuki. I wont mention the dealers name but they know who they are.

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