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Monday, November 16, 2009


When I went to the rubbish tip I would pick up a bottle of gas that had run out of date and take it home and empty it out and then take it back next time I went to the tip. They asked me what I did with the gas and told them I had the correct equipment to empty the gas and I would do this free as a service to the community. Did it for years. Then the greedy bus-tards stopped it cause they couldn't get any money from the process and didn't know how to get the gas out themselves. The special equipment I had was my gas barbecue and a spanner to connect to it. Now I see them bleed the gas to the air.
Then there was the fish shop oil that I blended with the diesel in my truck. This had to be cleaned and the way to do this is to very slowly let the oil pass over water and the solids would drop out. Did this for years as well. I would also get the oil from cars and blend this as well. Then the greedy bus-tards stopped this and wanted to fine me for evasion of excise tax on oils, I copped a warning and decided to leave it alone.
cheers mumble mumble Stewart

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