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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sustainability electricity

So you do the right thing and use less electricity and the way you do it is to cook on gass or wood stove or better still a digestor using the gas to cook. You install a solar hot water service and you run your computer from the car battery and the tv being a new fangled flat screen energy efficient ones as well is run off a single solar panel and a car battery that you found at the tip. Then to top it off you buy your groceries every day so the fridge is turned off as well. Then you insulate the jug so the heat stays in the hot water between uses like a hot pot. You then wear your clothes for two days and you wash your undies in the shower and hang them on the clothes line to dry. Then you buy those garden lights and charge them in the sun during the day and bring them at night. You also charge your rechargeable power tools with the sun. You go to bed early and get up early and you spend more time in the garden and eat the spoils of your work. Then the electricity bill comes a whopping $84.56 and the amount you use doesn't register on the meter.. WHY?.... The greedy bus-tards (spelling mistake intended) want there cut for doing nothing and the CEO's want millions from our pittance .The company I'm with is Country energy
cheers mumble mumble Stewart

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