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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sustainable living

For the young ones who are doing it tough and want to live in the city like Sydney. Make yourself a barge out of 44 gallon drums and pallets scrounged from the car parks and streets. Ask and the stuff will be given to you. All you will need is a cordless drill and a heap of tech screws. You will have to invest in a swag for sleeping or sleep under news papers as these will definitely keep you warm. Showering can be done at places like universities or industrial estates. You wont be found out if you leave the premises cleaner than you found them. Other places are in motels when the guests leave the room early and there is no one there to stop you. Just act like you paid for the room yourself. Breakfast can be had by looking threw the left overs left at the doors, apples oranges tea bags sugar salt etc are all there for the taking. Be gentle have fun and improvise and things will get better. If you have the luxury of owning a car make sure it is one that you can sleep in comfortably go for a trades mans van as these have more room in them. Cooking can be done on a small drum with holes punched in the top and small sticks to do the heating with. A good source of protein is baked beans a couple of eggs and a bit of bacon. I call these cowboy beans and they will sustain you without getting sick. If you do have the misfortune of getting sick eat raw onions and this will fix you just put them between slices of bread , Its not as bad as it sounds . If you go to a new area of the country on arrival eat some local yogurt and this will stop you getting travelers belly.
cheers Stewart

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