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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trailer registration

I made this trailer and it all came from the rubbish tip and the cost of the trailer was $86 excluding new tyres. Now I takes the trailer to get the rego on it an they charges me more for the paper work costs me to build the flipping trailer. Included in this cost is stamp duty on top of the sales tax for the welding rods and a valuation is put at over $100 so more transfer fees apply, I dont know who i am transferring it from. Then there is the price of the plates which I now own and then they want them back if I don't register the thing again and if I don't give them back they want to fine me, there is a fee to give them the plates back as well. These people know how to recycle my money. Not only that they have you running around longer than it takes to build it as well. These places are worse than going to the dentist and getting your wisdom teeth out, without anesthetic and cost twice as much. At least the dentist is honest and you know its gonna hurt. They also tell me I cant put my boat in the water cause they don't like it cause it ain't standard, and that is the point of building the thing..Just wait when they see my submarine I have planed I think they will walk on water. ..he he:)

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