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Monday, November 16, 2009


Here's how to use less water. Put a water tank on the house the biggest you can get, then install a pressure feed pump to the tank and a hose to the rear tap on the house via garden hose, You will have to take out the tap washer as this acts as a non return valve. Now your set. Now turn off the water supply to the house (that's after the tank has filled) . Now you are totally sufficient, So they come and read the meter to check water usage and they send you a nasty letter and tell you how its a crime to interfere with the meter. So you lets them know that you didn't touch the meter and they don't believe you and they puts a new meter in to replace the old one. So now you get a bit pi-ssed off and you decide not to use any of there water at all the next quarter and you carry water from the park down the street to supplement your water supply till the next rain. Then you get another warning about interfering with the meter. You explain that you haven't used any of there water.Tey dont believe you. They then replace the meter again. They also charge you water usage as they evaluate the water you have used in the past and based there bill on this. Greedy bus-tards they want my pittance as well to pay those CEO,s millions ....cheers mumble mumble Stewart

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