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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Clean fuel

Hydrogen is the clean fuel of the future or is it. They the experts say that all you get when burning hydrogen is water and this is not so. Here it is the truth, when burning  anything in the atmosphere there is nitrous oxides given off as a byproduct of burning, anything that is burnt. If you burn wood there is other chemicals in the wood that combine with oxygen that is called pollution.  If coal is burnt there is sulphur given off along with other chemicals that is not good for humane health.  Where does oxygen come from the answer is green vegetable matter that is trees and plants.  No trees and plants no oxygen = suffocation.  All animals including humans. Total decimation of the planet. How long,  Some say only God knows. The real problem is going to be lack of Oxygen,  Steel making uses 99% pure oxygen in the BOS, huge amounts of Oxygen in the Basic Oxygen Steel  making process to take out the carbon. They have mechanical extraction plants at steel production works to squeeze pure oxygen from the atmosphere. Transport uses huge amounts of Oxygen.  Coal burning power stations use huge amounts of Oxygen to make electricity.  Respiratory problems are on the increase, why?  Lower amounts of oxygen for animals to sustain life...

Why is the Ozone layer disappearing  well Ozone is three oxygen atoms joined together and what we have is a lack of oxygen  to form three atom molecules.  Oxygen joins easily with any other element and here is the real problem and when this happens it takes atoms of Oxygen from the ozone layer. That's it simple....

Production of Oxygen
Oxygen, the second-largest volume industrial gas, is produced commercially as a gas or as a liquid by several methods. These include:

Cryogenic Air separation, a process that compresses and cools atmospheric air, then, - relying on different boiling points - separates the resulting liquid into its components in a distillation column

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA), a non-cryogenic technology that produces oxygen from air by using an adsorbent in a pressure swing process to remove nitrogen

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