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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Global cooling

It's high time all forms of motor racing were started and made mandatory so as to increase the road toll, as shown by the increase in the road toll in NSW after the race in Sydney's Homebush road race at speeds of over 150 km/hour on city streets. More speed changes should be introduced to keep drivers in stress mode and this will increase the revenue to the government.  SUV production increased so as to increase road rage and an increase in the road toll injuries ,Bayer needs to sell more contaminated tablets to these people. All commuting carried out by private transport (and increased commuting by air).Any one who says global warming is a problem should be put on a Monsanto food diet. We deserve to be here and given substandard foods and water with chemicals added.  Come on Du Pont you can kill more and introduce laws to make the masses more susceptible to disease and make the masses pay. Its your right . Come on Haliburton, George needs more money as he doesn't have a country to smash up. As for the banks increase your pay checks and the little people will bale you out so you can have another pay rise. Come on increase the price of fuels and electricity and when the people can't pay for the product then charge for its availability, come on you can do it, its you right.. There it is and this is only scratching the surface, this is the new order of things. Pay  pay  pay then ask for money to feed the people who are starving and who need to be educated in these things so as to increase the market size. We are running out of money for the elite what will they doooooo. Greedy BUSTARDS this is only the prelude to the next stock market crash and the grabbing by the big players. Its going to make the last crash insignificant,  Malcolm Frazer a ex prime minister in Australia said to put your money under your mattress. I think it was him. Well there you have it or don't have it


  1. shit man is this crap or what

  2. Thanks for your comment I have a policy of publishing all comments and I appreciate your effort and yes it is. cheers Stewart