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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Murrumbidgee river vandalism at Gundagai

From this

To this in three days
I am disturbed by the clearing of the river banks one kilometer up from the old wooden Albert bridge at  Gundagai. The trees that have been removed are red river gum fig trees gum trees shrubs include Lilly pilly along with willow and other noxious weeds. I have made complaints about platypus getting killed and white tip river rats as well by wild dogs. I have also mentioned that there is Spotted Quoll in the area. There is echidna in the area as I have photographed them as well. Ring tail possums and normal possums abound.I was only there for two days and did not get to see if the bat colony has been removed as well, which I think it has. National parks won't do any thing as it is not a national park I know this as I have contacted them before, but it is probably common ground owned by the government. The common ground owned by the government is in a terrible state with black willow normal willow and black berries rife along with other noxious weeds.The third photo shows that some of the ground is an island.See previous post below environment disasters..

If you would like send an email to
and state how you feel about this type of thing.Or email one or all of the below,
Australian National Registry of Emissions Units
Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Emissions Intensive Trade exposed Industry Assistance
Freedom of information co-ordinator (FOI)
Greenhouse Friendly™ Team
Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Office (GERO)
Government Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (GGER)
International Forest Carbon Initiative
National Authority for the Clean Development
Mechanism and Joint Implementation

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