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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recycled boat part 21

Today I took the boat down to the water and put her in the liquid stuff. It floated well and when the motor was started it took off like a rocket even with the three hp motor. There was four tiny leaks in the hull and these were blocked up with some twigs pushed into the holes. The motor mount that I made bent under the strain of the motor and it tilted enough to send the fuel to the back of the fuel tank and the motor stopped,  I was unable to get a real good idea of the performance but it will be good.  I got out a paddle and it paddled so easily. I think I will make one of them single rowing oars that I read about as this boat will fly with one. The first sight of the hull and her lines suggested that she was fast and stable in that swamp. Turns out that I was right. This boat is a real goer. Sorry that there is no photos as I left the camera behind..The sail board that I bought yesterday turns out to be two sail boards and have all the equipment with them,  I will make them into a land yacht.  Remember the stove I was making it failed to burn properly but makes fantastic charcoal. Thanks for reading the blog,  there will be no posts for a while as I am going to be busy for a while, probably a week....  Have a great Christmas and new year if I forget.... cheers Stewart

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