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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recycled boat part 22

I decided that the glue alone was not strong enough to hold the deck down and bought some stainless steel screws  to hold it on. Total cost $103 + previous costings149.85 + bung 2.50 = $255.35.  Then there is the bolts for the outboard brackets $42.00 + $255.35  =  $297.35.  Two spoons from the tip to make washers $1= Total to this point $298.35.    I have been given some paint to paint the hull so what I got is going to be the colour of the hull.

This boat building is costly for a free boat.  I haven't factored in time at commercial rates which would be roughly 22 days x say $15 per hour x eight hours per day  would equal say 22 x 15 x 8 = $ 2640

Then there is electricity fuel to get parts cost of car and insurances tools and there depreciation add say $100 insurance fuel say $100 tools say $100 use able things like sandpaper  and saw blades especially when I hits a nail.  This total = $300

Add to that administration charges, using the trailer as an example. Cost of article + 10 % and this would be.

2640 labour

 298.35 parts

$300 for fuel etc.

sub total $3038.35

Add administration charges $3038.35

grand total = $6076.70

Free boat not so free. Worth doing probably not but it is different. New laws in Australia require new boats to be engineered and certified, making the building of new boats impracticable for the armature

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