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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

straight talk

I had this friend We will call him say, Peter C  cause that is his name and he said that authority didn't like straight talk. He owned a sawmill in Wollongong and the mill had been going for three generations or more before he got it. When his father died he transferred the mill licence to his name before his father died. On the death of his father the council came and told him to shut up shop as the licence was in his fathers name. Well Pete said "what was the piece of paper on the wall pork chops". They looked and said when did you change that?  He says are you oafs lawyers or some thing asken so many questions. They left.  They came back with the fire brigade and they asked what he would do if the wood caught on fire?  Well Pete being pretty smart but not one with them university qualifications,scratched his head for a while before answering and then said in a slow drawl "I.   guess.   I .  will.    have.   to.   get.  another.  load . in . then."  I was standing there and had to turn my back to stop laughing. Then there was this other time he sold some second hand wood for fire wood and this bloke and he came in and said there was some steel screwed to the wood and that he payed good money for fire wood!  Pete's reply was "just .  leave.   it .  there . and  . go .  and .  get .  another .  piece .  from.   the.   stack ..over. there!" The stack he pointed to was the farthermost stack away down the yard. On another occasion they complained about nails in the timber and he said "get .  that.   piece .  of .  timber. there .  with.   all .  the .  nails.   in.   it .  and .  take.   it .  home . for. free. and.   to.. watch ..  and .  see.   the .  nails .  burn.   brighter.   and   I.   didn't.   charge. you.   extra   for.   these.   good.   pieces" . Well strike me down the bloke fell for it and there was another happy customer.  Now that's straight talk and all them Co's from them big organisation's councils Lawyers and governments can't beet that. The trouble is that some folks talk heaps and say nothing and that aint straight talk.

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