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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Murrumbidgee river decimation

I got a phone call from Water Resources and they are going to do nothing about the clearing as they were only willow trees. Even so, the dragging of rippers threw the river bank to remove the roots has killed platypus who had there homes in the banks and in those willow tree roots. Then there is the echidna which were killed as well, I could not see an echidna out running a bulldozer to save its own life.I reckon the bats probably got away as they can fly.
I am fu%$#@*&^ken pissed off to say the least.
Government departments who sit on there arseholes and do nothing because they don't have the fu%$#@*&^ken balls. This was done in close vicinity to a aboriginal bora ring an aboriginal sacred site, I would not like to be the government official or the bulldozer driver when the Gadachie man comes looken for ya.You have made a monumental Gaucherie of a grand nature. The land owner has felt the force of the Gadachie man in the past as he has lost pigs, goats, chooks, cows and crops all on one of the best pieces of real estate Gundagai has to offer. Now if you were a "schooner" I recon you are on the rocks . 

This is the cleared area showing gum trees to each side of the cleared area taken from the other side of the river..Note there is some willows there as well  the trees have been pushed into piles to burn adding to the carbon gases in the atmosphere...

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  1. Stewart, if you have concerns about the burbung, ring DECC. DECC (the Director General of DECC more specifically) now control that area under the AIHMS.

    Its better to not go talking about Indigenous stuff re that other stuff you are saying in your post as that is totally inappropriate. You are not Indigenous are you and very certainly not Indigenous Gundagai.