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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recycled boat part 30

I am making bilge keels to go on the boat and they are shaped with a draw knife which is hanging on the timber in the above photo The compressor is from the tip and I will drive it with a washing machine motor.

They are drawn along the timber and cut the timber like a plane That's why they are called a draw knife.They are razor sharp and there is no sanding afterwards

They can be made from power hacksaw blades by solver soldering a couple of bolts on the ends and slipping a file handle over the bolt and putting a nut on to finish off. The cutting edge is the same angles as a wood chisel but longer the sharper you make them the more you have to sharpen them. They also have a draw horse to hold the timber as well

The photo above shows a draw horse in operation. You will notice a pole lathe in operation in the background the photo was taken from the net
Draw knives are used to make ships masts.

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