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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Gravetrons are seen in the reflextion in a mirror and are lost in the mirror that us not seen, that is in the missing parts of the reflexion that is outside the mirror. Its like the scrolling of the screen of a computer where does the image go that moves from the screen. thats where the gravetrons go but they are not lost they are still there. Move the mirror and you see them again, same goes for the computer screen. the image is still there. Break the mirror and you expand the universe because of the multiple images same applies for the gravetrons.......Simple if you understand it. Sorry for the quantumn thoughts......some times the people working on these things don't see for the looking.......

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

why so many power companies

Here in Australia they have all these new power companies to create competition for your dollar. Why? Its so the politions can give there mates jobs, and the only way to create them is to devide up a perfectly good system and have Ceos. at the head of each new company. Now the prices are going up 60% wonder why? You have to pay all them phucken bustards thats why!!!!!

Copied from only I am Abandoining the site and my son is taking it over

check this out

Check out imagineering engineering gundagai its a more intense site

green sustainable cheep electricity and lights

This is my old mate Donny the owner of the famous race horse Sanjapaddy,the sun was shining and we went to the rubbish tip and Donny said you could furnish a house from here . So I thought it could be done so went about it because Donny got a bit giddy so I got a chair for him to sit on, He said carpet would be good and the carpet was found and another chair for me. He said the cricket was on and he said a bit of telly might go good and a table and TV were found as well, A wind break was fashioned and a smoke detector was placed in the tree above him pots and pans and there it is home sweet home. Then this lady came to the tip and was asking Donny what he was doing and he said waiting for the cricket to come on! Pity we didn't have electricity but if I looked hard enough I would have found that too....cheers Stewart

Monday, August 31, 2009

lies taken from a web site on solar energy

wow using energy when power is turned off? don't believe everything that is spruked off about in the media and the Internet....this is how it read

"unplug devices that are always using electricity, such as cell phone chargers or computers. A startling fact is that on average, 75% of electricity consumed by home appliances is when they are turned off."

This was written by a person who says you can make your own solar panels for one hundred dollars.
There is a lot of work assembling a panel and if one connection brakes the panel wont work.
Do you have the equipment to work out where the brake is?
Started small an got bigger with the things Ive done over many years .
I myself would not entertain building a grid interactive solar system as the problems can be immense. By all means have a go at making a panel...make a smaller panel first to charge batteries or light an area at night , and with experience you learn, you can go on to bigger things . My blogspot started small and grew slowly so did the things we made. cheers Stewart

diy solar

Solar hot water heater is made from an old keg that I got from the rubbish tip for $5 and the pannel cost two dollars.All up with plumbing it was about $50.The keg is insulated with old carpet.Another way would be to put the keg into an old fridge with a glass sheet instead of the door.Paint the keg black and put alimiumn foil on the inside of the fridge, paint the outside of the fridge black, face it to the sun and wolla batch solar heater..cheers Stewart

Monday, April 5, 2010

national parks and marine resurves

I was down at the national park yesterday and asked the ranger about fishing and water sports and was told what was ok and not ok the photos speak for them selves, It is a joke when you see people raping the wildlife off the rocks and from the water. Now this is a national park and they do nothing and they do nothing about the platypus on the river banks.  So what do they do?????????O collect money!!!!!!! No jet skis no fishing bullschit......

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No kick backs here

In my blogs and posts I write about I have never been given a hand out and what I say about something is what I have found out to be the truth. If I get something that is good I will tell you and the reverse is the same...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I reads on the net that people are getting clogged up with Teflon and thought! How about we go back to the not so old days when we cooked in cast iron pots. You says that they rust and are hard to keep clean and they rust. This is right if you screw it up. My best pot came from the rubbish tip and was full of rust and needed to be cleaned! The cleaning process took about two minutes on the camp fire and was heated and quenched in the river and walla all the rust was gone. Now comes the tricky bit place the pot in the fire and heat up, while this is happening mix up some of your favorite oil or fat (Dripping) then an egg is added and placed in the pot. Stir the contents of the pot and even paint the outside of the pot with the oil and fat with the egg mixture while it is still hot. Now it gets tricky here and this will go against all cooking ideas about being clean, you burn the schit out of the bustard and then quench it in the river again, If any schit left in the pot you gets some sand and gravel from the river bank and you use this to clean the pot and give a final rinse in the water. Now you have a non stick pot that won't rust. Repeat the process above if necessary.