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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I reads on the net that people are getting clogged up with Teflon and thought! How about we go back to the not so old days when we cooked in cast iron pots. You says that they rust and are hard to keep clean and they rust. This is right if you screw it up. My best pot came from the rubbish tip and was full of rust and needed to be cleaned! The cleaning process took about two minutes on the camp fire and was heated and quenched in the river and walla all the rust was gone. Now comes the tricky bit place the pot in the fire and heat up, while this is happening mix up some of your favorite oil or fat (Dripping) then an egg is added and placed in the pot. Stir the contents of the pot and even paint the outside of the pot with the oil and fat with the egg mixture while it is still hot. Now it gets tricky here and this will go against all cooking ideas about being clean, you burn the schit out of the bustard and then quench it in the river again, If any schit left in the pot you gets some sand and gravel from the river bank and you use this to clean the pot and give a final rinse in the water. Now you have a non stick pot that won't rust. Repeat the process above if necessary.

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