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Monday, May 31, 2010

The passing of a legend

My Old mate Donny the race horse owner Died on Sunday he didn't want to go. He was the one featured in a previous post about recycling.He will be sorely missed by the nurses at Gundagai hospital for his humor in his last days. Donny worked on many things during his wonderful life and the only thing that bothered him was his arm and even then he never complained, which went into a peach canning machine. Which smashed his arm in many places leaving it with a permanent bend which was noticeable if it was pointed out. His only big winner in the racing game was Sanjapaddy. Donny was a big winner in the game of life. He was the last person to get kicked out and barred from the Hume hotel before it closed for of all things, Fighting at the age of seventy.  One occasion saw one of his work mates get injured and Donny bought his kids presents for Christmas. Spending his entire pay he lived on home grown potatoes and trapped rabbits for the next two weeks. Donny never married that I know of but could have many times over. I was in Tumut and we got hungry and we both had little money, and we were both hungry we fronted up to the country woman's association meeting hall under Donny's initiative. Well the biggest feed was rustled up in minutes by the old ladies who swooned over Donny. Then there was the time Donny and I got  into the bin behind Woolworth's to get groceries out of the bin. This was in the days before they put the out of date meat into sausages. There was every type of food available but with out of date stickers on it. Don't happen any more they were the days.....bye Donny

Donny's dog Bessy rescued from being shot, and what a dog she is.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

electricity generation

Gundagai is in a prime spot to generate electricity from the river using multiple propeller type turbines placed in the river flow. Power 24/7

About time

Two rural doctors from the iconic Australian town of Gundagai today announced plans to tackle climate change from the ground up...literally.

Drs Paul Mara and Virginia Wrice-who have been doctors in Gundagai for nearly three decades-have committed to planting 5000 trees a year indefinitely and achieving a carbon neutral surgery by the end of 2012.

"It is clear that everyone has a role to play in meeting the challenge of climate change" said Dr Mara, who is also Vice President of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia.

"Leaving this important issue to politicians and bureaucrats alone is no longer an option.

"There is no doubt in our minds about the science of climate change and the potential adverse effects this will have not just on the wellbeing of the planet but on individual health too.

"Trees will be planted locally from local seed and ultimately a private fund will be established to continue this work."

The Gundagai Medical Centre is a fully integrated and modern health centre with a focus on providing a range of medical and allied health services. It is also a teaching practice for medical students, prevocational hospital-based residents and rural registrars.

In more than 27 years of living and working in Gundagai, Drs Mara and Wrice have provided full support for the local hospital including inpatient and emergency care after-hours.

"We love living and working in the country, and this is a small way we can give back to the bush and the community" Dr Mara said. "It complements other initiatives in the local area such as the development of a wind farm and the use of recycled water for the local golf course."

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The police are overwhelmed with trying to get criminals who don't pay there fines for various offenses some of them serious. Most of these criminals are on benefits of some sort paid by the tax payer. What would stop this waste of time and resources would be if the Police could notify the social security and a stop payment was ordered. Then the criminal would have to get a docket signed at the police station to get back on the system. Hey no looking for them they would come in on there own account. Money time and resources saved simple. Wont happen too simple for the simpletons in charge.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Computer tracking chip

The government is to introduce rfid chip to be placed under the skin of criminals and other persons of interest. Is nothing sacred will they also be able to introduce chemicals on demand with the chip? Is this another way of introducing the national identity chip, probably. All thanks to the baby faced assassin and the labour party.

cats and flees

Cats carry flees around the neighbourhood at night and drop them where ever they go. Little lizards kill flees thats what they eat.  Flees ticks and lice are good food for lizards.
Cats kill lizards as natural prey they are good at it.
Kill the cats that roam of a night and you kill the flees. Make shore you have lizards though and protect them with homes of there own they also eat cockroaches and the like....


I have removed one of my posts because of the rabbit proof firewall, It contained a child with no cloths on eating from a bowl of porrage and his private part hanging into the bowl. It was a joke about recycling, not so funny haaa....$11,000 per day in fines and I was not prepared for that and removed it as a precaution...

Friday, May 14, 2010

If it

If it moves shoot it
If it grows chop it down
If it flows dam it
If it dosnt move mine it
If its clear polute it
If it works break it

Work cover

The deputy prime minister Julia Gillard was on ABC tv tonight 14/5/2010 using an angle grinder, it was a pathetic sight no safty glasses long sloppy sleves on her shirt and not watching what she was doing. Does she have a autherisation to use such a tool come on workcover do your job....Work cover has been notified and I will post there comment if they reply...Dont wait with bated breath.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hobart convienciences

Tourists and public toilets

Keep your vomit bags from the air plane as you may need to use them. Tassies dont like you chitting in the streets in Hobart. Pollies don't chit and the trouble is the rest of us do. Toilets are non events in Hobart.