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Monday, May 31, 2010

The passing of a legend

My Old mate Donny the race horse owner Died on Sunday he didn't want to go. He was the one featured in a previous post about recycling.He will be sorely missed by the nurses at Gundagai hospital for his humor in his last days. Donny worked on many things during his wonderful life and the only thing that bothered him was his arm and even then he never complained, which went into a peach canning machine. Which smashed his arm in many places leaving it with a permanent bend which was noticeable if it was pointed out. His only big winner in the racing game was Sanjapaddy. Donny was a big winner in the game of life. He was the last person to get kicked out and barred from the Hume hotel before it closed for of all things, Fighting at the age of seventy.  One occasion saw one of his work mates get injured and Donny bought his kids presents for Christmas. Spending his entire pay he lived on home grown potatoes and trapped rabbits for the next two weeks. Donny never married that I know of but could have many times over. I was in Tumut and we got hungry and we both had little money, and we were both hungry we fronted up to the country woman's association meeting hall under Donny's initiative. Well the biggest feed was rustled up in minutes by the old ladies who swooned over Donny. Then there was the time Donny and I got  into the bin behind Woolworth's to get groceries out of the bin. This was in the days before they put the out of date meat into sausages. There was every type of food available but with out of date stickers on it. Don't happen any more they were the days.....bye Donny

Donny's dog Bessy rescued from being shot, and what a dog she is.

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