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Monday, July 26, 2010

makin money

So you want to make money! Best get some rubbish and turn it into cash. How you might ask? Ive been thinking about one of the most disgusting bits of rubbish you can think of. Shitty disposable nappies. Lets look at what you can do with them. There good qualities Shit and piss, makes good fertilizer. Then there is the nappier itself made to absorb water lots of water  a built in dam. Fertilizer and water under the ground plants will love them as a starter pack. They are to be had for free by the thousands.

 You can buy at the nurseries fertilizer by the bag and nitrogen by the bag and its expensive. Then you can buy water absorbant pads to put in pot plants to keep them moist and these are expensive and it is the same stuff in nappies to absorb the urine. Now if some enterprising chap or lass were to put the two together he would be on a winner. So there it is for free.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

industrial chemist

I spoke to an industrial chemist about these washing machine and how they dump there dirt on the clothes. He said that the problem is more serious than I have stated that is health wise. He also said that I have been understating the problem and there is no doubt that I am right in my assumptions. Pathogens build up over time and these are very serious to human health. Allergens and toxins are taken into the respiratory system from breathing the dust from bed linen and are causes of asthma and allergies. I feel that a full investigation should be made into these types of machines and the problems they cause. Sudden infant death syndrome could also be another problem associated with these machines. In the mean time I would suggest the the manufactures of these do there own tests and prepare them selves for a law suit.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whirlpool washing machine

 I gets me money back from the previous washing machine and bought a new one. Big mistake made this time, a Whirlpool and walla after two months it dumps the chit build up in the machine on me clothes. You cant clean behind the inner bowl as there is no way to get in there! Now these people are good to me they will give me a front loader that is valued in the shop I bought it from $300 less than the top loader, and I have to give them fifty phucken dollars to boot. This is a good deal and I have to sign my life away as well.
I finally worked out what is wrong.
In Australia we wash clothes and hang them on a clothes line in the back yard and dry in the sun with the benefit of being cleaned further with the sun.
 Now this is not the case in other countries they put the wet clothes in a drier and tumble the clothes and the lint and dust is removed there. Now I don't have a drier to tumble the clothes and remove the dust and lint, with the added cost of electricity as well. Some would say I'm a cheapskate, now if this were true I would have bought a much cheaper washing machine. I want the best for my dollars spent so I buys the best that me money can buy.
 I was resigning myself to the fact that I had been had, and was going to forget about the problem and put up with the dirty clothes. Until me wash today. This is how me clothes look in the photo and it really pissed me off. It didn't really piss me off so to speak. I was irate and if that sheila that I was dealing with from the washing machine company was here I would have smacked her right in the phucken chopper cause that's how I felt. Now don't get me wrong I'm a peaceable bloke and would never hit a woman. But exceptions can be made. Now women understand these things and blokes fix problems. If she wants to work in a blokes environment she must accept these things and fix problems of her companies makings. Not stand over people with genuine concerns with contracts with a take it or leave it attitude cause I now understands these things. Cause she will meet some like me who will not take it and leave it. This next photo shows the washing machine that I an concerned about. Further posts will be written as things develop.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First moon landing

I have always wondered how they photographed the spaceship traveling towards the moon landing. Who was operating the camera? Where was the camera mounted to take such pictures? Was it really a scam? Just wondering....
  1. No Plans for return trips
  2. Images show that Stars were missing from the black lunar sky
  3. Absence of engine noise in official NASA footage - how was it possible to clearly hear the voices of the Astronauts?
  4. No Blast Crater under the LEM after the powerful engines had been fired
  5. Astronauts Footprints - How was it possible for footprints to be left undisturbed and without dust
  6. American Flag was waving - how is this possible when there is no air on the moon
  7. Grainy, Unclear images although technology at the time could have produced much clearer images
  8. Shadows - The only source of light on the moon was the Sun but shadows were cast in multiple directions
  9. Lighting - Images of Astronauts were brightly lighted although their positions would have clearly been in shadow. Some images indicate that the Astronauts appeared to be in spotlight
  10. The Van Allen Radiation Belt - Could the Astronauts survive travelling through the deadly radiation belt which is situated 500 miles above the earth and is 1000's of miles thick with only the protection from their space suits and the thin covering of the space ship when it is estimated that 6 feet of lead would be necessary would have been needed. None of the Astronauts have since showed any signs of radiation poisoning
  11. No other manned mission has gone through the Belt
  12. Silencing - It seems unreasonable that information would not have been leaked about any such hoax - theorists therefore believe that key witnesses, including members of the Astronaut Corps, were deliberately silenced. Between 1964 and 1967 10 astronauts died in accidents - 15% of the total astronauts at that time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The problem with all non filtered and Whirlpool washing machines of this type

The problem with all top loader washing machines is that with out a filter the dirt builds up between the inner and outer bowls this photo shows the outside of the inner bowl this has been left out in the weather for a while and is cleaner than one in service. You can see in the photo that some of the bowl has been cleaned for comparison
This next photo shows the inside of the outer bowl of the same machine again the dirt has been wiped away to show the comparison and the amount of dirt build up. If a filter is used then the build up of solids is less and it will not break away in a wash cycle and cover the clothes with dirt. This is the problem and the manufactures know this. What they rely on is the drier to remove the dirt from the dry clothes. This also is the reason for allergy reactions to increase in the population as a whole. That is dust and pollen allergies.
Anyone who makes money from these machines or sells these machines is leaving themselves open to a class action law suit. That is why Whirlpool wanted me to sign a waver. I will not and I will be here if some lawyer needs a professional to testify in court as to the function of these machines.

This examination was taken at my own expense so as to let the public know the problem.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ant- catipiller

Back in the 1980s I was helping a preschool by repairing tricycles that were averaging about 2000 kilometers a week. This was worked out by measuring the length of the track and the time it took to go round it once this was multiplied by the number of minutes and hours per day they were used and the number five for the days of the week. I arranged for a Caterpillar to be made and it was there for years and the kids loved it. It was then removed and taken away and cut in half and became an ant. The ladder used to go over and come back to the same position as the ants tail it had twelve legs.  It was removed from its new location as an ant and was never seen again.  Until today when I saw it on a web site, I emailed the owner of the site and was told it was probably the one I had made. One of the colour schemes was with the eyes painted red with black pupils and red veins in the whites it looked drunk. The body was always yellow with black legs. So here it is thanks to the apprentice boilermakers at the Wollongong Technical College for making it.Thanks to the unknown photographer for the image.

Jockey wheel

I went to the rubbish tip and found part of a jockey wheel set up and it cost $2 and was fixed up with an old wheel that I had. This was welded on to the boat trailer making it easier to move around.