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Monday, July 26, 2010

makin money

So you want to make money! Best get some rubbish and turn it into cash. How you might ask? Ive been thinking about one of the most disgusting bits of rubbish you can think of. Shitty disposable nappies. Lets look at what you can do with them. There good qualities Shit and piss, makes good fertilizer. Then there is the nappier itself made to absorb water lots of water  a built in dam. Fertilizer and water under the ground plants will love them as a starter pack. They are to be had for free by the thousands.

 You can buy at the nurseries fertilizer by the bag and nitrogen by the bag and its expensive. Then you can buy water absorbant pads to put in pot plants to keep them moist and these are expensive and it is the same stuff in nappies to absorb the urine. Now if some enterprising chap or lass were to put the two together he would be on a winner. So there it is for free.

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