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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The problem with all non filtered and Whirlpool washing machines of this type

The problem with all top loader washing machines is that with out a filter the dirt builds up between the inner and outer bowls this photo shows the outside of the inner bowl this has been left out in the weather for a while and is cleaner than one in service. You can see in the photo that some of the bowl has been cleaned for comparison
This next photo shows the inside of the outer bowl of the same machine again the dirt has been wiped away to show the comparison and the amount of dirt build up. If a filter is used then the build up of solids is less and it will not break away in a wash cycle and cover the clothes with dirt. This is the problem and the manufactures know this. What they rely on is the drier to remove the dirt from the dry clothes. This also is the reason for allergy reactions to increase in the population as a whole. That is dust and pollen allergies.
Anyone who makes money from these machines or sells these machines is leaving themselves open to a class action law suit. That is why Whirlpool wanted me to sign a waver. I will not and I will be here if some lawyer needs a professional to testify in court as to the function of these machines.

This examination was taken at my own expense so as to let the public know the problem.

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