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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whirlpool washing machine

 I gets me money back from the previous washing machine and bought a new one. Big mistake made this time, a Whirlpool and walla after two months it dumps the chit build up in the machine on me clothes. You cant clean behind the inner bowl as there is no way to get in there! Now these people are good to me they will give me a front loader that is valued in the shop I bought it from $300 less than the top loader, and I have to give them fifty phucken dollars to boot. This is a good deal and I have to sign my life away as well.
I finally worked out what is wrong.
In Australia we wash clothes and hang them on a clothes line in the back yard and dry in the sun with the benefit of being cleaned further with the sun.
 Now this is not the case in other countries they put the wet clothes in a drier and tumble the clothes and the lint and dust is removed there. Now I don't have a drier to tumble the clothes and remove the dust and lint, with the added cost of electricity as well. Some would say I'm a cheapskate, now if this were true I would have bought a much cheaper washing machine. I want the best for my dollars spent so I buys the best that me money can buy.
 I was resigning myself to the fact that I had been had, and was going to forget about the problem and put up with the dirty clothes. Until me wash today. This is how me clothes look in the photo and it really pissed me off. It didn't really piss me off so to speak. I was irate and if that sheila that I was dealing with from the washing machine company was here I would have smacked her right in the phucken chopper cause that's how I felt. Now don't get me wrong I'm a peaceable bloke and would never hit a woman. But exceptions can be made. Now women understand these things and blokes fix problems. If she wants to work in a blokes environment she must accept these things and fix problems of her companies makings. Not stand over people with genuine concerns with contracts with a take it or leave it attitude cause I now understands these things. Cause she will meet some like me who will not take it and leave it. This next photo shows the washing machine that I an concerned about. Further posts will be written as things develop.

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