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Friday, October 22, 2010

rex roberts

I received this comment and decided it needed a posting all of its own. This is the first photos that I have seen of his works,I think this is an earlier one of his works as the windows are not sloping.I thank Scott pond studios for taking the time to send this. Cheers Stewart

Scott Pond Studios has left a new comment on your post "Just read this fantastic book":

Rex Roberts was a man ahead of his time. He believed in building houses that were practical and served the needs of their owners. We have a Roberts' designed house for sale in Troy, New Hampshire. If anyone wants to check out the photos, you will see how how Roberts put his ideas into action.


  1. Thank you for posting our comments - it is fun to know that people are interested in Roberts' concepts. We were told the house was built in 1972. The builder worked at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and apparently knew Rex Roberts. Rumor has it that Roberts himself came to see it. And yes, you are correct - the back bedroom/studio was added on at some point prior to the mid-1980s - it rests on a concrete slab, while the rest of the house is on poles.

    By the way, we were in Australia this summer and stayed at a very unusual guesthouse in Caldwell called the Mudbrick Manor. The owner built it himself and you can still see the odd piece of straw sticking out from the mud. Fun place to check out if you are ever that way.

  2. The above comment was emailed to me so I published it with out its credit and yes the mud brick manor looks great as I just looked it up on the net. Cheers Stewart