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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

drug sub

Drug sub is probably not a good image to portray for a recycled sailing boat. This lead me to what to call it, Its made from glass and plastic commonly called glass reinforced plastic ( G.R.P.) Now if it going to float then Jesus what a miracle.
So we put the two together and we get Plastic Jesus.
Now there is this song Plastic Jesus  which is a fun song about a plastic Jesus doll riding on the dash board of a car. This doll is filled with booze which is a drug of one kind which brings us back to weather the boat is going to sink!
Drug sub, and it looks like one a bit.
Think it all ties in so there it is. That's how I came about with the name. Plastic Jesus...

I have been working on the navigation lights and interior lights and doing the wiring which is all soldered and shrunk wrapped on all joints. There is also a hole on the interior of the boat that has been fixed and still needs about an hours work to finish. All of these jobs are not ones that I will bore you with but need to be done. I have just ordered a 6 HP Tohatsu four stroke outboard motor .with power propellor and control stuff so this will be installed in the coming weeks.

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