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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Qualifications and tickets

I have spoken about tickets being revoked by the N.S.W government before. Well I have heard of it happening again!  This is how the story goes, An electrical ticket was obtained from the fair trading department to work as a licensed electrician. The appropriate qualifications were produced and the license was issued. Several years went past and on the last job the customer inquired about the ticket at the fair trading with the numbers supplied by the electrician. Turns out that the ticket was a forgery given by one of the fair tradings employees doing some moonlighting. The electrician again paid his fees and was given a legitimate ticket and all was well for three weeks when the ticket was cancelled because the electrician was deemed to be a person of dubious character and was not deemed fit to have a license and again the ticket was cancelled. Fed up with all the crap the electrician went to Canberra in the  A.C.T  and obtained a ticket there. The fair trading having spent heaps of money had to stop the electrician and told him that they didn't recognize the A.C.T license. During his time working with the forgery license he was never charged with doing a bad job or cutting corners, the electrician is now out of work. So here it is the trainers of Australian technical and further education (TAFE) and the licensing authorities don't recognize each others qualifications. How obserd is that.
 Not true then that is one heck of a story....

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