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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tiny house

I love those tiny houses and then thought turn it up side down so to speak. Put the bedroom underneath and the kitchen on top this would give a split leavel effect and do away with the ladder and the stairs going to the top level could be a seat. Being higher in the kitchen would give better views to the outside. Cheers to all and have an amazing years to come. Iggle

Friday, December 30, 2011

One of my play grounds as a child

As a child of 9 I used to play in this location and even to this day it can be seen on google earth at this location. -30.379037, 152.719818 Lightening used to strike the ground about a kilometer to the right of this spot with regular abandon and when it even looked like storms one would never go there. The noise of the lightening and the loud flashes was a frightening thing to experience as a child.
Show on Google Maps
Google Maps

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Incompidence gets rewarded

I have seen over the years where craftsman did magical things with there tools and there minds on the jobs that they were performing. Watching an artisan working is a joy to my eyes.
These men never get promoted for they are too valuable on the shop floor which is a pity not only for the man concerned but for the company that they work for. These are the men to emulate the mentors in there fields, it is so sad that the younger generation have been dumped on by the impure and improper. Respect for the elderly has gone replaced by abuse and sometimes even violence.
How different things would be if the leaders of our countries and companies were craftsman and entrepreneurs, people with vision and integrity.
Alas this is but a dream. The below video shows this in action.!

Insurance policies

Did you know that it is something like 90% of insurance policies never get claimed on. I have a insurance policy that covers landlords and the income. I asked about claiming massive damage done to one of my properties that the tenant did. Guess what I am not covered for damage done by a tenant even if the tenant burns the house down. The fences have been destroyed the shed has had the wall torn down and used for fire wood. All this timber was treated 150x 200x 500 blocks that was stacked and screwed like bricks all gone and not replaceable. Total damage bill in excess of thirty thousand dollars. I worked hard for what I have and to have the grandson of a friend of thirty years destroy it all. This was to be my retirement fund. Ducks in the bathroom bath tub and a dozen cats. The mould has destroyed the house from the inside. Then to top it off told to get off my own property.
Then there is the drug crop in the back yard and as a landlord I have been put in the position of supplying a place to cultivate and sell drugs with its jail term and the confiscation of all my property as product of crime.
I see here in this area where I live on average one house every two months gets burnt down at a huge cost to the community. All threw drug suppliers burning out the opposition. I will sell my properties and spend the money if I can cause there probably is a law against that too.

Phone call

I got a call from the neighbour in Gundagai about my tenants causing trouble, Apparently Joe got a AVO against the neighbours tenant. I rang Joe and asked how things were going. He snapped about the tenant using a third party having a go at him which wasn't the case. Having been to Gundagai I now know what the problem is DRUGS and there associated problems. Four houses in a row dealing with the stuff. Joe was helpful informing me what was going on.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My boy wears a blue uniform

My son wears a blue uniform at work. I asked my son to come with me to inspect one of my properties. On arrival I mentioned that he wears a blue uniform to work. Well he is a copper. The remark from the tenant was he ain't in uniform now is he. We were shown threw and given the full guided tour which included the garden. Even the marijuana crop with its flourishing plants. I was wondering why the water bill was so high? The he says I ain't stupid I don't smoke the stuff . I grow it to sell. Horrified to here this I looked at my son. Not a blink of and eye nothing. When we left he my son said you heard that didn't you. I asked the bit about the growing and selling. Yes he says. If I was to do anything there and then I would have had to caution him and then his words could have been used in a court of law. But, and here it is. You are a civilian and your testimony is admissible in court. If I did not report it (the crop) then I would have been an accomplice, and all my goods could be seized as property from criminal activity. No brainer isn't it

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The building that aint a building

Talk about pozzers and twisting a story well Im up there with the best of em. A bit of lying and skiting never hurt anyone. But to tell you about a twenty story building that aint there and all it is Is a photo. Now thats hard to beat even in the lying and skiting ways thats just a plain Lie you would say. Well it aint as I got a video of the thing so here it is.

Sydney Christmas

Went up to the big smoke for Christmas. Traffic I tells ya an hour to go a kilometer these blokes who drive in Parramatta are Nuts. Then I gets on one of those electric trains and gets to Sydney in thirty minutes. I gets out at Townhall station and goes to this shop called Hobbyco. Amazing! I get into this box and Im now on the second floor. Talk about teleportation, near buckles at the knees but arrives there safe. I cant find the box to go back down and Im stuck two flights up. I goes to climb over the rails to get down and Im pulled back and escorted to these moving stairs. Bloody helpful people there. Then there is this hand made christmas tree is like 80 feet high and covered in lights. So I gets my little trusty camera and does a video for yous to see. So here it is

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dont know where this came from

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Would Pamela Accept an Ethical Bribe, worth $154.15?

Well the answer is no. How dare you send mail to my house with this as the heading. Mr Alan Hewitt Director of Earth Star Publishing did. I emailed him and got a auto reply then I tried to Phone him and was put on hold. This is from one of those we'll fix your spiritually damaged body and mind companies. Charlitans thats all I can say.

New look

I have increased the text size so us older folk can read it. Sight and the loss of it is not good.
The colours have been changed to be easier on the eye so I hope you like it .Please feel free to leave a comment as I like reading them and I have a policy of publishing all comments even if they are critical of myself. Comments of a sexual nature and defamatory will be screened.

Aeroplane seats

Lets put the seats in backwards and if the plane was to crash there would be less chance of injury to passangers

home invasion

Home invasion

I went to see a couple of mates the other day and left my house locked and in the charge of my wife and the dogs. It was late when I got home that is it was dark at 7.00 pm....When I came in the drive way I could hear the dogs going ballistic in the back yard. Thinking that they were overly happy to hear me coming in. I got out of the car and yelled at them to shut up because of the noise. It seemed funny that the house was in darkness as  the wife used to leave the lights on. I went to open the door and you wouldn't believe the friggen door was open. I turned on the lights and called out and silence was the reply. Thinken where is the cook I went to all the rooms and blow me down she wasn't there and the back door was open. Being tired  I want to bed and in the morning I was reinforced she wasnt there. I fed the dogs and wondered where she was. Thinking the cars still there and all her things are there and her hand bag was gone.
I rang my mate and said that the wife was gone along with about two hundred dollars in change, him being a funny bastard said lucky bastard whats the problem. I said Im serious she aint here, The reply came, that's why you came over here to get an allaby yesterday, Now I was being serious and he was friggen joking. Then it dawned on me I could be in serious trouble if she didn't turn up and I told him so and that I didn't do her in.  He said to ring the local hospital so I did after finally finding the number in the telephone book. (See previous post) I gets on to this shela called Karen and she said she would ring me back after checking. well she didn't ring me she rang the police and informed them. Im struggling to find the police number in the phone book and they ring me and asked if my wife was there. I said to them how did you know as I was trying to find the police number in the phone book. They said the hospital rang them Karen must have known how hard it was to find the number and did it for me.
I had to file a missing persons report which I did. I rang my son who is a copper and he said he hoped they found her as I was number one suspect. Thinking to earlier times when she was put in hospital and in a lapse of sanity she told them I was conspiring to kill her with this other woman and the Sargent of the local police came out to arrest me, I was lucky that me old mate Donny spoke up for me.
Seven days went by and the police finally rang and said she was in hospital.
What a relief I was off the hook.
Turns out the mental health came and took her away, left the house open and in darkness. I went in and made several complaints as to what had happened and how it happened.
The next day I get a phone call from mental health and they were concerned that I said that they took the money............
After a long silence..........I said "what".....another long silence......... THEY REPEATED  THAT THEY DIDN'T TAKE THE MONEY......... Then I said I don't give a fuck about the money and I wasnt going to proceed down this line and that this matter was over. They hung up and didn't let me know where or how my wife was. Strange bastards they should book them selves into the hospital and inject themselves with those stranger drugs... Talk about nut cases they take the cake...I have now been declared single by the government and can see what my mate meant. Whats your problem??
Whats your problem?
Where is this leading to well my ex partner of 32 years is to have electric shock treatment  and my son is trying to stop it. I wonder why. My diagnosis is lack of work and too much time to think. Solution WORK and Exercise.
If I were to set up an cattle electric fence to  protect my property and some thief were to get a shock from the fence I would go to jail for setting a mantrap. 
If i were to hold a person against there will and subject them to electric shock I would go to jail.
Then there is the law about giving someone a drug against there will. These people are above the law and if anything was to happen to my ex wife. I will get the best lawyer in the country (my son)to have the people charged with murder.
If I were to say some one had a mental problem I could be sued. But I will say some one has a mental problem and it is the doctors of death from Auschwitz and yet doctors today use the same torture to so called treat people with mental illness. It cannot be called torture if you sedate them into a unconscious state. Let me tell you these people remember what has happened to them, I know because I live with one of the victims.
More money for mental health in Australia to do more torture and line the pockets of the doctors (quacks) with gold. 
Then there is the aboriginal way and I will use it if I have to.
Pointing of the bone. is this real or quackery I know there is people in graves who do not think it is. Delusions of grandeur quackery call it what you like no different to saying Jesus is the son of god.
If you the people do not stand up and be herd then you at some stage in your life just might face the morbid doctors of death at your local Psychoactric  hospital.  
Isn't it amazing that doctors practice and get paid even if they don't fix you, wouldn't have a mechanic or engineer like that would you? So why do you put up with Quackery.

Then there is the persecution for religious beliefs Jehovah Witnesses believe the end is near and my wife was given electric shock treatment for these thoughts. So much for freedom of religion.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

You are being watched

Sounds like a crazy manes talk? Think for a moment! The Australian Government is spending millions of dollars for us to get digital television why? Yes the change over from analog to digital TV is happening,and they will even pay for it. I will ask you another question does your computer have a video camera built into it mine does, and it can be switched on remotely. Yes this is a fact. I can access my security cameras from my computer even when I am not there. The technology is there for the same to be done with your TV screen. Are you being watched? I think so!!!! My computer camera is taped over. Your mobile phone is tracking you all the time and voices are recorded that how prince Charles was found out with Comella. The air waves are monitored all the time. Does your car have a tracking device in it some can be stopped electronically and even lock the doors to trap the people inside. How do you stop this leave the car at home the mobile and any electronic devices. Wear a burker and you will not be photographed in public places and move to the bush or even in the suburbs in an underground house. I have a remote underground cave that only I know where it is.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This may be the last time to write as my sites are being blocked. This is due to a site that I write called  It is basically about an alternate way of looking at things and is done with a smile even though the smile may be warped. It is not to be taken seriously. If certain key words or phrases are used in emails and sites then you also may be be blocked. Large organisations and Governments are able to block for political or financial reasons. Typical financial reasons are when telcos drop the Internet services for a split second to drop out voip phone calls.They want to keep there monopoly's.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yowie, Kangaroo Valley Panther or imagination

I was a scout leader and was camping with a group of cubs at Kangaroo valley south of Sydney. We decided to play a few tricks on the group of kids and we had a big claw made from steel on a long handle. There was also a large footprint made as well also on a long handle. While the other leader was doing camp inspections and breakfast duties with the group I made my way down to the river and on the way scratched the bark on various trees along the track at the river footprints were made in the sand while keeping up on the river bank. The scratchings were about twelve to fourteen feet from the ground and the footprints were spaced about five feet apart. I secretly put the tools of deception away. Then came the fun part, TRACKING, the group was told to look for tracks of the local wild animals. This was to get a badge. Then one of the more astute boys noticed the scratching in the tree and asked what could it be was asked.  I reached up and they were about two feet out of my reach then came the punch line "it was the infamous kangaroo valley panther that no one had ever seen! Now the adrenalin was flowing. I lead them on down to the river and then stopped in my tracks and stood still they all followed suit. What are you looking at I was asked and the reply came quite!! The silence was deafening and there over there and I ran to the river bank followed by the group. Again one of the group saw the foot prints and pointed then out to the rest of them. The funny thing is from then on they never wanderered off on there own. Back to the foot prints I paced them out and the were about a foot longer in stride than I could make. This thing must have been huge about as big as a horse. The excitement grew with there imaginations getting the better of them enlarged the beast and the stories of men eating tigers and the like were spreading like a wild fire threw the group. That night we had finished tea and it was then stories around the camp fire. During one of those moments where all conversations seem to cease and silence is golden a cow in the field let out this almighty bellow MOOOOOO. Not expecting what was to follow this little guy jumps up from the other side of the ring of kids and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him and darts under my left arm and says you can look after me wont you sir!? Yes I says and the conversations went on into the night. Back a the scout hall a week later the leaders myself included were asked as to what went on at the camp as all the kids had night mares for the following week. We were forced to reveal our hand and the tools of deception and not one of those kids would admit that they were conned and all said they knew and were going along to keep the leaders happy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Mr Warren Tyson near Wagga Wagga built one before me. He developed  a turbine that would not catch flotsam during floods. It was anchored in the Murrumbidgee river near Wagga. The story below is from the web site below. I dont know if Warren has a boat mill in Australia any more.
Tyson Turbine
The Tyson turbine project was funded by AusAID. The project aim was to install a hydro electricity generator at Naravuka village near Seaqaqa in Vanua Levu. The concept was introduced as a conduit for enterprise development through the provision of electricity to a rural based community.

The inventor of the turbine Mr. Warren Tyson helped in the installation of the turbine.

Project Benefits

The Tyson turbine has been marketed worldwide as the world’s first environmentally friendly machine that provides the versatility of water pumping and power generation simultaneously. Its key benefits include:

  • Cheap remote area power supply
  • Generates up to 3 kW electricity per hour. A large village requires approximately 12 kW of power, surplus power is stored in batteries.
  • Effective water pumping operation at 0.75m/sec water flow only
  • Renewable energy system, highly corrosive resistance
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

Boat mill

This is probably Australia's first and last boat mill it was cut up and a trailer was made from the hull. It was used for camping after a night out fishing for prawns. A small water turbine was placed at the rear and was driven by the tide coming in and going out. The power was used for the prawning lights and navigation lights. This was before the use of led lights. I still have the generator but not the turbine itself  It was coupled up using
olive pipe fitting for couplings. The olives were replaced with "O" rings and gave a good positive and flexable drive.


We Australians do not always approve of our governments decisions. Most Australians are not happy with the Gillard government. We do not want war ships in our waters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cave art

Where is this? What is it about. Who did it? I know some of the Questions, where it is.

Zero waste

Regular readers to this post have read a lot in recent years about sustainable recycled and reused all cleashade words. You know the in yuppie thing. Well they are old school as the new word is zero waste. Leave no photo zit nothing zero waste. Some thing like the previous post. This is to be the philosophy of this site  from now on but also to tell a story or yarn at the same time. This is going to be a challenge and interesting at the same time. Cheers Iggle

Where is the Bubble Puppy

        OK, this is odd story

This is the Welpe Luft-Blassen  or bubble puppy in english

It was built by a Nazi scientist conscripted by the American Military to work in New Mexico during WW 2. Count S. von Teleki disappeared without trace and they claim that to this day nobody knows what the BubblePuppy was designed to do. It was was lost for a number of years until being found in an old crate in Alamogordo, New Mexico during the 1980's.

The pix are of a copy of the Bubble Puppy made by an artist who claims to have only been allowed to see a glimpse of the blueprints. The story is that its all top secret kinda shit although they never come right out and say that.

Now apparently a movie has been made about the Bubble Puppy but hasn't been released yet.

This story was copied from the above post and would like to have an answer?

Monday, November 7, 2011

World heritage area being distroyed

The Australian government is destroying the great barrier reef with the Queensland state government. Fish are inedible from Gladstone Harbour.Some people will not let there children touch the waters of the harbour.

Fish have red exploding eyes, lesions to the skin then the flesh are then destroyed. By a parasites that come from dredging.
The disease is a stress related problem.. Water quality has been effected by flood waters, What ever the problem the dredging and harbour activities should stop.
 Dredging has had to be stopped due to water quality on several occasions. Water quality is a matter of what is tested for.
 High reading of heavy metals has been recorded and follow up tests have now been carried out,  and serious issues exist Sharks are also effected.
  Fishing grounds have been affected. Du gongs are dying.and these area endangered species with over one hundred deaths of Du-gongs have been reported. Turtles are also being effected.
Vessels movements have trebled in the area. Many ports are to be developed in the world heritage area.
 If you want to see the barrier reef then don't wait as it might not be there in the future.
If there is a ship grounding again then the reef is doomed.

 Write to Tony Burke the environment minister and voice your opposition.
 The flat back turtle is under treat and is an endangered species.
 Bass bay is also under threat as well. The managers of the reef park have no teeth to stop the destruction. Thirteen % of the reef has been destroyed .
Coral is dying, Stop the resources boom at the expense of the reef, the reef is lasting resource and the liquid gas is only here for a short time....

Friday, November 4, 2011

drug sub has finally hit the water

Doing do-nuts in its own length.
At speed in a creek.
Cabin interior which is larger than a real drug sub.
This is the final post on the drug sub/ It worked as good as expected with a small problem of tracking, some work will have to be investigated on this and propeller pitch as it does as fast in idle as at top speed. The top photo shows it on the Shoalhaven river.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue gums are dying across Australia

This is a major problem that has not been recognised and must be seen for what it is. The problems are that minuscule amounts of phosphorus is effecting the Tassie tigers and the same goes for the trees but it is not phosphorus. I was in the wilderness area of Pidgion mountains in the south east of the state and was speaking to a local bushman and he has noticed the dying. Now this is totally random dying one in a stand of blue gums and it is not the oldest it is any age height middle of the stand or the outside ones even trees sorronded by healthy trees.
The problem comes from the bi products of the automobile and maybe from the rubber particles from the tyres or the products of combustion and this is attacked by a fungus to clean up our mess. Now you see the problem..Maybe the trees are going to attack people!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Water mills design

We did some work on cross flow water turbines and one of the common mistakes is to put the electrical part of the generating system below or level with the wheel.
Place the electric above the wheel away from the water, water falls and placing the generator above the wheel keeps it dry . Hope this helps some one...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boat mills

November 16, 2010

Equal pay for equal work

I remember years ago fighting for the rights of women. Great you may say well no . I also remember that the clerks and office workers were old and had limps. This was classed as light duties and this is where you were looked after. Long gone are those days now we have a woman the head of the ACTU,   What trade did she do? I am told that my trade was out of date and would have to do work experience at the age of 59. What a joke to be told this by a teenage girl new in the workforce, that work experience was the go. How the times change to chucked onto the scrap heap in my prime.. I am lucky though Pension supplied by the tax payers,  I am able to play at the other things I like. BOATS