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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia could be on the brink of cival war

This is what you get when you have an ignorant prime minister

Whatever happened to “Charity begins at Home”?

Disgraceful - Gillard & Gov - shame on you!

I see our beloved Prime Minister in all her generosity is going to, wait for it, give a $25,000 interest free loan to those unfortunate AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS affected by the floods in Queensland plus, wait for it, a whole $1,000 for every affected adult & $400 for every child of said family.  Oh we are not worthy!! 
Is this act of unrivalled generosity towards her fellow Aussies supposed to make me all warm and fuzzy???   Well, the fact any of these poor unfortunate souls is getting a little help makes me feel glad for them, for they deserve every cent, but when compared to what our gracious leader shell’s-out abroad, well it fucking stinks of mean spirited pettifogging, and tells volumes of her respect for those over whom she governs.
Have a go at what this self-centred egocentric WOMAN has given away to other countries - this is OUR money mind you, pissed up against the wall when we can’t get waiting times down on hospital beds, infrastructure built to service our mineral exports, a better road system, or any decent flood relief to our own citizens
Look where YOUR MONEY is being spent:

Gillard pledges $500M to Indonesia for Islamic schools – YES $500,000,000 !!!!!

Gillard promises $160M to Vietnam for new bridge.

Gillard offers $45M to aid Indonesia for climate change.

send it on …

“The only true wilderness Is between the ears of a Green and the inside of the head of the Australian prime minister”

Come on Pauline Hanson step up to the plate again.

MHO Overseas Aid is one of the best ways for politicians to funnel money into their own bank accounts this often takes the form of a kickback...Thats probably why they are so keen on it

After all if anybody audits it later you can aways say it was misappropriated by the recipients...Just like a big charity .OPPS  I shouldn't have said that... Grin


Well I watched an hour of TV this morning on the big new telly. Now I spent a grand on the telly so I have to get my moneys worth, but did I? No I paid all that money to watch 51 adds in one hour. Not a good return on my money. I would be better off with a little telly the size of my laptop and have it on my knees for about $200 . This big telly is huge and takes up half of the wall on the other side of the room. If I sit in the lounge and put my laptop on front of the big telly at arms length the laptop covers the big telly and some. Boy wasn't I fooled into buying the giant screen. Turns out that I can watch the telly on the laptop, So much for the mcmansions and all the cost associated with them. I now know why my mum used to get us to go outside and enjoy the open spaces. Have you been conned like me and watching that amount of TV destroys the time on the hobbies of life. Anyone want to buy a large TV? Now that time adds up to 7 hours a week. What could I do with that 7 hours. eg. drive to Broken Hill from here or even Melbourne and still have change in my pocket. Or I could get on a plane an fly any where in the world, or fill the fuel tanks in the drug sub and be ready to go a good part of the way round Australia. Aren't we fools.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loco for sale

Loco for sale
I have been asked to show more photos of the loco and the price is $1000 and is not negotiable Transport can be arranged. If you send me an email address in comments it will not be published. Cheers Stewart

floating floors

I have just laid a floating floor and it is easy. Do all the painting in the house and then put in the kitchen cupboards if you are changing these followed up by the floating floor then the skirting boards in this order. The floor is the last surface to be installed before the skirting boards as damage from paint tools and moving things can scratch the floors. I have just finished putting in a floating floor in my house and all you need to do the job is a Triton saw table small hammer and the special tool which is about twenty dollars. Before you try to put the pieces of flooring together with force use dry soap or candle wax on the joints as this will allow them to slip together easily.  Remember that it is all common sense which seems lacking these days, doesn't matter if you are building a house boat or barn.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beef and sheep meat

About twenty years ago I worked as a slaughter man in a meat works. I remember that after the meat was cooled in the cool rooms over night the carcasses were dry to touch. I now open meat from the supermarkets blister packs of any of the supermarket giants and the meat is wet and they have a nappy under the meat to soak up the water. 

Now where did this water come from? 

I wont answer this question as I could mislead you and would like the supermarkets to reply on there own with there comments and they will be published in full. I think I will be waiting til I go blue in the face til the cows come home, for there answer....don't be alarmed  about the hormone thing as you have been eating it for years. The best way to eat from a supermarket is to go round the edges of  the shop as that is where the essentials are,remember that variety is the spice of life and this goes for what you eat.

Are they going to stop water being pumped into meat? great way to get more money for the same work.

Beef industry roasts Coles over campaign

Mark Russell
January 23, 2011
SUPERMARKET giant Coles has defended itself against a scathing backlash over its ''no added hormones'' beef campaign, which critics say has created a ''monster'' that could damage Australia's $7.6 billion beef industry, financially cripple some farmers and butchers, and add to the environmental degradation caused by meat production.
Meat and Livestock Australia, which acts on behalf of 47,000 meat producers, said Coles' marketing strategy could frighten consumers into thinking beef from cattle raised on growth-promoting hormones was unsafe, despite years of scientific testing showing it posed no risk.
The group told The Sunday Age it was too early to tell if customers had stopped buying beef from retailers other than Coles, but if the industry was forced to stop using hormones due to unwarranted fear, ramifications could be widespread.
''It is crucial that consumers maintain their trust in the product - that the safety of Australian beef is not brought into doubt unnecessarily,'' the lobby group said.
Coles' high-profile campaign boasts that since January 1, all beef sold in its stores has been free of hormone growth promotants, or HGPs - supplements of naturally occurring hormones that reduce farming costs because they cause cattle to produce more beef from less feed.
Victorian Farmers Federation president Andrew Broad warned that Coles was ''treading a dangerous road'' by exploiting the naivety of consumers to gain a competitive edge over Woolworths at the expense of farmers.
''They're creating a monster in the mind of consumers that this is bad … when the reality is there are no health risks with HGPs,'' he said. ''The campaign implies that there's some chemical being pumped into the beef, which is just a nonsense.''
HGPs are used widely overseas, but were banned in Europe in 1988 following concerns about possible links to serious diseases including various cancers. The World Health Organisation and Australia's Department of Health, however, found no scientific evidence to support the ban.
Woolworths, Coles' main rival, dismissed the campaign as ''a supermarket gimmick that will be bad for the environment and bad for Australian farmers'', with spokesman Simon Berger saying it would not follow Coles' lead.
''We have absolute confidence in the Australian beef industry … We have no plans to dictate to them how it's produced,'' he said.
''Removing technology means you need more cattle, eating more food, on more land, producing more methane over more time to produce the same beef. Someone will pay for that - either farmers or customers, as well as the environment.''
The Coles campaign, featuring chef Curtis Stone, declares that: ''All the fresh beef you find in our meat departments … will be nothing but 100 per cent Australian beef, with no added hormones. So all that great Aussie beef you love to feed your family will now be even more tender than ever.''
Choice's Christopher Zinn said the ''clever'' marketing strategy could jeopardise Australia's beef industry. He said Coles would have known how emotive the term ''hormones'' would be to the public and the impact it would have on beef sales at other outlets.
But Coles spokesman Jim Cooper defended the campaign, and stressed that Coles wasn't saying HGP-raised beef was unsafe, it was saying that HGP-free beef was of a higher quality and tasted better.
''We are doing what we need to do to improve the quality of beef we sell to customers and that's all this is about for us,'' Mr Cooper said.
He said Coles, which processes 350,000 cattle each year, had been planning the move to HGP-free beef for years. The initiative will cost tens of millions of dollars, as Coles will have to pay its suppliers more to farm a greater number of animals to produce the same amount of meat. He said these costs would not be passed on to customers.
The move is clearly part of a strategy by Coles to stock ethically produced food and follows announcements that it will ban pork from pigs kept in sow stalls by 2014 and will stop using cage eggs for its house brands by 2013.
The Cattle Council of Australia said it was disappointed in Coles' latest beef campaign as it usually ''encourages consultation'' with retailers over the language that they used for beef marketing.
The CSIRO's Professor Alan Bell confirmed there was no proof that HGPs in beef posed a health threat to consumers. But a recent CSIRO study, published in the journal Animal Production Science, supports Coles' assertion that HGP-free beef is more tender. The study found the hormones had a ''negative influence'' on tenderness, taste and quality''.
HGPs have been used in Australia since 1979, and about 40 per cent of cattle are now implanted with slow-release HGPs, which add an estimated $210 million in production gains to the Australian beef industry each year.
According to Meat and Livestock Australia, if HGPs were not used, the Australian cattle herd would need to increase by 7 per cent, or more than 2 million head, to produce the yearly quota of 2.3 million tonnes of beef. This would increase water and feed costs, further straining farmers already struggling after years of drought and floods.
The group said the amount of hormones found in HGP-raised beef was far lower than the level of hormones naturally occurring in many foods. One egg contained about the same amount of oestrogen as 77 kilograms of beef.
But Biological Farmers of Australia spokesman Dr Andrew Monk said most people would be surprised to learn that the beef they normally bought had any added hormones at all.
''We see the Coles move as certainly positive, a move back into the direction of recognising natural as arguably a better option for consumers,'' he said.
Australia banned added hormones in chickens 50 years ago due to health fears, but a persistent myth remains that hormones in chickens have been causing girls to reach puberty earlier and grow bigger breasts.
HGPs are not used in lamb but pork farmers use a hormone called porcine somatotropin, which replicates a natural hormone produced in pigs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jail for contempt over contraceptive sales

Justice Conti of the Federal Court has ordered that Mr David Hughes be imprisoned for contempt for a total period of six months. The orders follow Australian Competition and Consumer Commission action.
Mr Hughes will serve two months immediately and the remaining four months was suspended. The four months would be served if Mr Hughes again breaches the previous orders.
Justice Conti also ordered that Mr Hughes transfer his website to the ACCC. The ACCC will then post a consumer notice on the site, advising consumers of the illegalities under the Trade Practices Act 1974 of the conduct. 
The ACCC brought the contempt proceedings against Mr Hughes alleging he breached orders of the Federal Court made on 18 March 2002.
Then, Justice Allsop held that Mr Hughes had misled or deceived by:
  • not telling consumers that it was illegal to supply or acquire oral contraceptives without a prescription in Australia and the US 
  • failing to tell consumers of significant health risks involved for some people in taking some oral contraceptives 
  • failing to tell consumers that within Australia free medical assistance is available to Australian citizens and permanent residents contemplating using oral contraceptives and 
  • failing to tell consumers that it is significantly cheaper in Australia to get oral contraceptives from a pharmacy.
Justice Allsop made the following orders:
  • that Mr Hughes be restrained from supplying oral contraceptives in Australia without disclosing in any promotional medium, including any internet site, that:
    • it is illegal to supply the specified oral contraceptives to persons in Australia without prescription
    • it is illegal for a person to acquire the specified oral contraceptives without prescription
    • that there are significant health risks in taking some oral contraceptives without obtaining medical advice about the suitability of those medications for use by the particular individual
    • that within Australia free medical assistance, including where appropriate the issuing of a prescription, is available to Australian citizens and permanent residents who are contemplating using oral contraceptives
    • that it is significantly less expensive to obtain oral contraceptives upon prescription from a pharmacy in Australia than it is to buy them from his group, Crowded Planet.
  • that Mr Hughes be restrained from supplying the specified oral contraceptives to persons in the United States of America
  • that Mr Hughes pay the ACCC's costs.
The ACCC alleged that Mr Hughes had set up a new website and offered contraceptives to persons in Australia and the United States in violation of those orders.
The ACCC had assistance from the US Food and Drug Administration which bought contraceptives from a website run by Mr Hughes. Mr Hughes also sold contraceptives to an officer of the ACCC without the warnings being on the website.
The court agreed that Mr Hughes had engaged in the contempt and that it necessarily followed that there had to be a term of incarceration.
Justice Conti took into account Mr Hughes personal circumstances in setting the time for imprisonment.
"The ACCC could not simply allow persons to disregard orders of the court", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said today. "The ACCC does not take any court action lightly and expects respondents to abide by any orders awarded by the courts".

where is this blog taking me

 When the drug sub hits the water things will change. Its into summer here and the weather is hot and dry usually. First thing to do is sea trials and setting up the boat to live on for extended periods. Then there is where to go and I think the first trip will be up to the head waters of the Shoalhaven river which is 60 km of salt water. I haven't had a good look yet on Google earth, with the holiday season ending I will have the place all to myself. No traffic noise total quiet as the river is in some steep gorges which will keep out the sound. Its national park or impenetrable scrub I might look at building an underground shelter to stay in over winter. It will be like staying in the high country near Kosciusko without the occasional visitor and the bitter cold. Wonder if there is brumbes there?  "O" how the mind wanders and the imagination runs rife.

Friday, January 14, 2011

drug sub

I have the motor on and is all connected up all seems well. I made a bush that was missing and have the throttle working, couldn't wait for the factory part. Where the cables go threw the deck I used electrical cabnet connections as they have to be water tight as the bunks are below and these don't want them to get wet.

This photos shows the cables and electrical joints set into to the deck.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Western Australia fires

Massive destruction has happened in Western Australia around Perth. Fires and high temperature have made good conditions for fires and this is what has happened. The media is consumed with the floods in Queensland and the same I guess happened in the Tennessee floods in the U.S.last year as we heard nothing of this. The media have a lot to answer for with there paranoia. All we here about 24/7 is floods at this time. We hear in Australia about the shootings and the death of a small child but in America, then you have the bill of rights and you believe in the carrying of arms then you wonder why! Well if people can not behave themselves then they must loose the privilege. More damage has happened in Shrelankia than Qld. and we hear nothing of this. There is a lot of bad things happening around the world and our thoughts go out to all these people.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I get lots of invitations become friends on the computer and I do not join things like grouply face book or any other place. These are good sites if you want that. My son was asked to be a friend to someone who I knew on face-book,  I advised him not to and my hunch proved to be correct and I will spare you the details.  I just don't have the time.  If you do want to be my friend then drop me a comment and your email address will not be posted and I will get back to you. I do have contact with Chuck from Duckworks but he is not in contact with me every day, I would contact him more than he contact me. This is the way I like it and he probably does to because he is a very busy man. If you have good stuff to read then send it to me and I will put a post to your site if I like what I read. Cheers Stewart

Saturday, January 8, 2011

lightening and boat materials

Aluminum is used with stainless steel copper fiberglass timber and carbon fiber in the construction of boats. I am going to talk about carbon fiber this material has an electrical conductivity 10 times better than aluminum. When using laminates of dissimilar materials special mechanical bonding must be used as the heat transfer is totally different and so is the expansion rates when heated. I have seen where an electric motor was made with internal chemical bonds holding on the permanent magnets failed in a explosion and a total loss of the motors, The people were warned and the motors failed because of this difference in expansion where as mechanical bonding would have made the motors survive. There was a helicopter crash in the North sea caused by a lightening strike and the cause was related to de-lamination of the tail rotor due to the heat and the chemical bond between the leading edge made of aluminum and the carbon fiber blades.  Same goes for the rigging wires on a sailing boat made from stainless steel and attached to carbon fiber boat. Good engineered mechanical bonding is a must. now if you throw in the heat generated during an electrical lightening strike the bond needs to be stronger. Where is this going I'm not sure as I intend to use the drug sub in storm conditions and staying over night. There seems to be a hypothetical danger there and how do you design a system to deal with this in a once in a life time lightening event. I know that all lightening devices fitted to a boat must run down the outside of the Fiber glass hull as the lightening could blow a hole right threw the hull if it were contained with in the hull. Carbon fiber strips could be placed in in the hull during manufacture in the outside layers of the laminate so when the lightening left the hull it would only damage the outer layers of the composite. These are only thoughts and more research needs to be done in this area.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Arsnic and fireworks WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN

  Its amazing that the governments from around the world can use so much poison to celebrate the new year. Boy do I pay for it with severe pains in the chest around this time of the year. Its no wonder that birds are dying by the thousands this year. How do you stop the infidels. If we used these chemicals on the land for food production we would be attacked by the greenies and put out of business. I live south of Sydney and the predominant winds blow the gasses and the minute particles south and they settle here. Are you in a fallout area?

Arsenic Sulfide, Red
The common name is Realgar and it is also known as Red Arsenic. Purchase the technical grade, which is available as a poisonous orange-red powder. It is used in fireworks to impart color to the flame.
Arsenic Sulfide,Yellow As2S3 This Chemical is just as poisonous as its red brother and is also used in fireworks, somewhat. The common name is Kings Gold.
Arsenious Oxide As4O6
A white, highly poisonous powder used in fireworks. It is also known as Arsenic Trioxide, Arsenious Oxide and Arsenous Acid. Its uses are similar to Paris Green.

stolen from
 Shamelessly stolen from Boat Bits who undoubtedly ripped it off from some other location but certainly words to live by.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lightening strikes on small boats

I have had to seriously look at lightening strikes as they can be fatal. Having been struck by lightening I do not want to put myself in to that position again. Some sort of protection is needed. Maybe placing a heavy cable in the boat attached to the metal roof and sending it to the water on the outside of the hull. Does any one have any suggestions? Also do I attach the cables to the motor and bow rails as well.

Rice bubbles

I was trying to find out how to make rice bubbles and they are unheard of in other parts of the world so here they are. They are eaten with milk, as children we were given them dipped in warm chocolate and put paddy papers and put into the refrigerator to set and they are called chocolate crackles. They crackle when you eat them. When the milk is pored on they make the sound of snap crackle and pop. They are advertised with the little figures Snap Crackle and Pop who sing and dance you can see them in the last photo of the box they come in. Kellogg's also give eating and serving tips on the back of the packet.

How to make things

If you take on a project break it into small jobs. It takes about 360 parts to make a steam locomotive. If you make one piece a day it will take one year. Some parts take longer like the boiler and this could take several months but even this is broken into it small parts and then there is the assembly of the boiler so this is about 6 months in total. So to make a steam locomotive it takes about 18 months. Smaller jobs take less time making one part every day till the job is finished and you will achieve things. TV takes the place of one part every day you watch it.  You will notice that sometimes I get waylaid when looking for materials and this slows the original job. Set a list of ten things for the next days work and number these in order of importance and work the list. The next day put the remaining things on the next list and add some more to have ten and then work on these the following day. Works for me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Look if you have a problem with some product drop me a comment and I will investigate and give you the answer.Cheers Stewart

Do the supermarkets fill meat with water

Well yes they do to increase the weight and then charge by the kilo. Try this buy your meat and let it warm up then freeze it and the water will condense on the cool plastic and there you have it the water on the outside of the meat. There is still more water in the meat after this process.

Monday, January 3, 2011

7 1/4" guage locomotive for sale

I have to shift my little 7 1/4" gauge locomotive and as a result it is up for sale. If you want to know more send a comment and it will not be published. Power is a five hp Robin engine. It is hydraulically driven. Will be selling well below the cost to build price. Pick up only.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New stove

The last stove was too small so a new bigger gas bottle was sort and modified and the pictures tell the story. It burns the material inside to white ash and uses less fuel than the last stove. I am not shore how small a bottle you can use and get a good burn. I guess this is an ongoing project, one which I will perfect. This one has a grate inside at the bottom joint level. It needs a door handle and catch. The chimney is 2x4 inch steel that I found on the side of the road and the bottle was free. More photos will be posted as things progress. By the way it is dangerous to cut into bottles and do not recommend it to anyone. I still get the hair on the back of my neck standing when I cut into them as I know they are bombs. This is real monster garage stuff and I hope I never release the monster. The photos were taken on new years eve with my new camera.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

drug sub

I hope you had a good Christmas and new year.Now that the silly season is over I have a couple of photos of the drug sub to share. The steering wheel was taken from the mini tug and placed on the drug sub. The little red wheel will be used on the mini tug. As you can see the motor has been mounted and all that is left to do is conect the controls when the cables are delivered. The motor is a little 5 hp job as any thing bigger would have to be registered in NSW. Then I would have to get a boat license as well. They change the rules to suit them selves the rule before was 9.9 hp then it went to 6.8 and now its 5hp, They also have a length of 5 meters now. Now that the boat is made and set up I think that any new changes will have to apply to new boats and not taken back to older boats,they make the rules and we all suffer. I might have to go back to sails as there is no hp rating or registration for sail.