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Saturday, January 1, 2011

drug sub

I hope you had a good Christmas and new year.Now that the silly season is over I have a couple of photos of the drug sub to share. The steering wheel was taken from the mini tug and placed on the drug sub. The little red wheel will be used on the mini tug. As you can see the motor has been mounted and all that is left to do is conect the controls when the cables are delivered. The motor is a little 5 hp job as any thing bigger would have to be registered in NSW. Then I would have to get a boat license as well. They change the rules to suit them selves the rule before was 9.9 hp then it went to 6.8 and now its 5hp, They also have a length of 5 meters now. Now that the boat is made and set up I think that any new changes will have to apply to new boats and not taken back to older boats,they make the rules and we all suffer. I might have to go back to sails as there is no hp rating or registration for sail.

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