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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I watched an hour of TV this morning on the big new telly. Now I spent a grand on the telly so I have to get my moneys worth, but did I? No I paid all that money to watch 51 adds in one hour. Not a good return on my money. I would be better off with a little telly the size of my laptop and have it on my knees for about $200 . This big telly is huge and takes up half of the wall on the other side of the room. If I sit in the lounge and put my laptop on front of the big telly at arms length the laptop covers the big telly and some. Boy wasn't I fooled into buying the giant screen. Turns out that I can watch the telly on the laptop, So much for the mcmansions and all the cost associated with them. I now know why my mum used to get us to go outside and enjoy the open spaces. Have you been conned like me and watching that amount of TV destroys the time on the hobbies of life. Anyone want to buy a large TV? Now that time adds up to 7 hours a week. What could I do with that 7 hours. eg. drive to Broken Hill from here or even Melbourne and still have change in my pocket. Or I could get on a plane an fly any where in the world, or fill the fuel tanks in the drug sub and be ready to go a good part of the way round Australia. Aren't we fools.

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