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Sunday, January 16, 2011

where is this blog taking me

 When the drug sub hits the water things will change. Its into summer here and the weather is hot and dry usually. First thing to do is sea trials and setting up the boat to live on for extended periods. Then there is where to go and I think the first trip will be up to the head waters of the Shoalhaven river which is 60 km of salt water. I haven't had a good look yet on Google earth, with the holiday season ending I will have the place all to myself. No traffic noise total quiet as the river is in some steep gorges which will keep out the sound. Its national park or impenetrable scrub I might look at building an underground shelter to stay in over winter. It will be like staying in the high country near Kosciusko without the occasional visitor and the bitter cold. Wonder if there is brumbes there?  "O" how the mind wanders and the imagination runs rife.

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