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Monday, February 21, 2011


Just to recap about water and coal. Now they the big company's are at it again they are into removing the gas from the coal seams in Queensland as it is easier to get than the coal and are contaminating the water of the worlds food basket. The Artesian basin that feeds water to the states of NSW and Queensland and South Australia. All this to feed Liquid natural gas to the developed countries of the world. Can they be trusted and the answer is no as they don't have the trained personel to do the job.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Water without rain

There is a creek in Wollongong that runs through the long periods with out rain. It never dries up. What all cities and towns need is one of these. Imagine no dams just good clean drinking water and  it runs from the mountain.  There could be a hydroelectric power station to generate electricity but there is not.  it could deliver free energy 24/7 . It could generate 40 kilo watts of power I think. Yes it is there (the stream that is) and its true. The village the stream runs through is Wongawilli west of Dapto where the dogs are.. I ask you all to follow the stream to its source you will be amazed from where it comes from. Talk about the man himself getting water from a stone. This isn't just water its a stream. Ask the powers to be where it comes from and some will say its from God himself. Yes  if you don,t believe me go and look for yourselves. Google it if you have to on Google earth. The places name again is Wongawilli.:)
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Friday, February 11, 2011


I have asked the question before,where does all the tyre treads go to? The answer lies in the fact that it comes off real slowly in the form of dust! rubber dust. You can read that earth-ships are not environmental as they gas off toxic materials. Now this is a fact an undisputed fact. So the tyres of your car have the same gasses and material in them this is also a fact. Undisputed. Now getting back to the treads and where do they go to and the answer is onto the roads in the form of very fine dust particles which also gas off like the earth ships. The dust is then pulverized by traffic and made even smaller and it becomes air borne. Where does it end up? In your houses and in you and your children's lungs  to fester and grow into who knows what? Don't believe me? I just bought one of those ceiling fans and it has been up for a month and the tips of the blades are covered with you guest it black coloured dust. Now check this out for yourselves and notice the ceiling fans in your area and think.where did that come from? I would like to here from someone who lives in a country setting and has fans, do you have this?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We in Australia are tolerant of all nations and creeds and religions. We have a sense of humor that is different, Some times I forget that the whole world is reading and watching and If I offend some readers it is unintentional. Then there is those from the rest of the world that must not make racist remarks as Australia is a multicultural country. I have friends from China and other parts of the world so I know that not everyone likes say Chinese people but would be walking round nude if it was not for those little Chinese working in there sweat shops for a dollar a day.  In the case of say England 50 p / day. In the words of a great English engineer "nuff said".....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ANSTO or AAEC call it what you like


Well I here in the news by a whistle blower that safety is a problem at ANSTO at Lucas Heights. What's new, here is a photo of a cartoon drawn by one of the workers at ANSTO when it was the AAEC. Things haven't changed  just look at the reactor in the image The extension cord and the sparks coming from the computer and this is from the elite of Australian technology. Or is this just the coffee shop at the canteen? Now I personally haven't worked at the above places but when I was working with my old mate from the UTS in Sydney some of the engineers from ANSTO came in and told of harrowing stories and things to come. This is why when I saw this cartoon at the rubbish tip, that I was to have it for this blog and this moment in time. IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH TRUTH IS SAID IN JEST......I dont know who the artist is or who the person is in the cartoon. What I do know of is that the waste from the reactor is in holes drilled into sandstone.....

My little launch from forty years ago

 The motor is a 1.9cc engine with home made water jacket and flywheel. I am thinking a refit with electric drive. The photos are about actual size on a lap top.

Monday, February 7, 2011

oil spills

This is a free service to those who want to know about cleaning up oil. Wheather large or small the principals are the same. Here's how it goes, I stilt 4 liters of oil on my shed floor and left it with saw dust covering it the ratio was about four oil to one sawdust. After about three months just sitting there the oil and saw dust turned into beautiful compost and it smelt right. I know on a grand scale the same would happen,  I don't know why but it just does. The cleanup on the Mexican gulf could do with some saw dust spread along the beaches dropped by planes like crop dusting it would work a treat. There is another one for free......Cheers

Model tug

This is my tug boat that I built 40 years ago, It is older than my youngest son. I will let the photos talk, The real tug was sailed from South Shields to Australia as a top sail schooner, the propeller was removed for the trip. It also towed the last sailing ship into Sydney harbor. It was sunk twice during its life once under Sydney harbor bridge and was lifted 3 years later with the death of a diver ,she was the first tug to work in Pt Kembla and worked in Newcastle as well. The last time she was sunk was trying to help a ship in Port Kembla harbor and was cut up on the spot. I dived in the sight and found a copper fitting very eroded by time and cast the bell for the model from the remains.So here are the photos.

 This photo shows the forty year old electric motor which incredibly still works

 The skipper was one Jimmy Robinson who I meet and was the skipper when she went down the second time I was nine at the time and my dad took me to see the boat upside down in the water . Jimmy liked the model/Note the bell..
 The figure of the skipper was carved out of wood and was unbelievably like Jimmy the skipper.
 Life boat made from paper
 These are the tow hooks the closes one has the release handle broken off.
 The real tug was a riveted hull
 Many years of dust and the last photo shows the knortz nozzle which on the on the model and the real tug made both more maneuverable. The bollard pull rose from three tons to nine tons on the original.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I heard on the Today Show this morning, PM Julia Gillard proudly state that, “The Government has provided $17m to the disaster fund in Queensland with more to come over due course.” Well done Julia. Now explain to this little black duck who at this point is one angry bastard how all of this works:
Indonesia -                        $ 458.7 million
Papua New Guinea -                   $ 457.2 million
Solomon Islands -             $ 225.7 million
Afghanistan -                              $ 123.1 million
Vietnam -                         $ 119.8 million
Philippines -                     $ 118.1 million
East Timor -                      $ 102.7 million
Cambodia -                       $  64.2 million
TOTAL = $ 1,669 million -to be given away in 52 weeks
..but wait, there’s more...  !!!!!!!
• Australia provides approximately 150,000 tonnes of food aid every year—about $65 million—to
Bangladesh,   Indonesia,   Sri Lanka,   Sudan   and    Chad.
• In 2010-2011 the Australian Government plans to spend almost $4.4 billion on development assistance to under developed countries.
SO….. Ask your local Member how come 2011 Queensland flood victims get “$17 million so far”?
When insurers, such as Allianz and CGU, provide cover for storm damage but EXCLUDE
FLOOD  from their home and contents policies.
SUGGEST, we EXCLUDE them from our Shopping Lists …  ????
         And now Gillard will give nearly $500 million for Indonesia’s Islamic schools which are largely moderate in outlook but there have been pockets of radicalism that have produced terrorists in Indonesia, most notably the cleric Abu Bakar Bashir’s school in Ngruki, central Java, where some of the Bali bombers studied

Friday, February 4, 2011

drug sub

 My nephew on my wife's side lost everything in the floods in Queensland and they moved out. They crossed flooded creeks and highways to get here. Being independent Oliver and his wife four children all under seven and his mother in law who was injured in a car accident all staying in a tent. They ended up in Nowra and were being charged $140/ night in a caravan park..... phucken thieves. They have been offered the drug sub to stay in. So It will be some time before it gets to the water. So like me you will have to wait some time longer. These things happen and its good to be able to help. Its Oliver birthday tomorrow..

pedal cars

I see where people making pedal cars bend the crank from solid. Now if you get two sets of  bicycle cranks and set them up on a single piece of solid rod and grind where the cotter pins go, then the pedal can be set up. Drilling out the threads and sliding threw a suitable rod and weld this in place putting in the pedal tread before welding. when the whole thing is together cut the main axil to make the crankshaft,Just like a car crankshaft but not as heavy. The big ends are where the pedal treads go. There can be three main bearings but I think two would be enough. This should run true to a couple of thou. I will make one and show pictures as time permits. If you have trouble post a comment and I will get back to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

radio control boat rescue

Any one have any ideas on rescuing people with radio control boats? Please post a comment. Cheers