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Monday, February 21, 2011


Just to recap about water and coal. Now they the big company's are at it again they are into removing the gas from the coal seams in Queensland as it is easier to get than the coal and are contaminating the water of the worlds food basket. The Artesian basin that feeds water to the states of NSW and Queensland and South Australia. All this to feed Liquid natural gas to the developed countries of the world. Can they be trusted and the answer is no as they don't have the trained personel to do the job.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Water without rain

There is a creek in Wollongong that runs through the long periods with out rain. It never dries up. What all cities and towns need is one of these. Imagine no dams just good clean drinking water and  it runs from the mountain.  There could be a hydroelectric power station to generate electricity but there is not.  it could deliver free energy 24/7 . It could generate 40 kilo watts of power I think. Yes it is there (the stream that is) and its true. The village the stream runs through is Wongawilli west of Dapto where the dogs are.. I ask you all to follow the stream to its source you will be amazed from where it comes from. Talk about the man himself getting water from a stone. This isn't just water its a stream. Ask the powers to be where it comes from and some will say its from God himself. Yes  if you don,t believe me go and look for yourselves. Google it if you have to on Google earth. The places name again is Wongawilli.:)
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