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Friday, May 6, 2011

internet phones

I have a internet phone and it is not listed. Some how this person rings me and does not show there phone number and wants me to go into my computer and open up the workings on line. So I listens to the instructions given by the caller and proceed to shut down my computer and in the mean time say yes to all her instructions. They tell me to do this and that and I say yes did that and they rattle on. Then I say bugger what has happened and I sit there tapping the keys and she waits till I finish.I say "We will have to start again" and we go threw it again then they hang up. Or it might go something like this Are you the owner of this phone and I say no do you have a computer and I say no and after about six nos they hang up. Or they ask if I would like something and I say yes and they go on and on and it finally asks for my credit card details and I say I don't have one. Quick as a whip they ask If I could send them a money order  and I say that's OK and they give me the details on where to send the money. I figure next time they want to go this way I will send them a brick covered in white laundry powder collect!!!

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