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Sunday, May 22, 2011



I know for a fact as it is happening here, that the religions and charities get a donation and then they put you on there mailing list and you have the devils job of getting off there list. So here is a way to make shore that they do take you from the list. When you get the next persistent mail from your favorite charity or sponger with a return address envelope. You are set for the next stage, now you find something that is heavy and useless then cover it with laundry powder and you post this heavy object to the recipriant wrapt in brown paper without paying the postage. Now my mate carries this out to the extreme return posting a slab of broken bricks to Canada air mail. It was funny to see him at the post office with the clerk helping him lift it out of his van onto the post office trolley. This was done to a particularly aggressive organization and it worked.

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