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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have talked about platypus before and thought this might help you understand what I am about trying to save these creatures.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

drivers seat

I spoke two posts ago about doing and being in the drivers seat, and have posted this to wet your appetite...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Drug sub

Finally I'm ready to launch the drug sub Then I discover the rego has run out on the trailer. I have to unload the boat and get the trailer reweighed and a new blue slip and all of the crap associated with this. This happened because the post never bought the renewals. I did receive the insurance renewal for the car and this twigged the rego for the trailer as no insurance is required. This will take some time as I now have to prove the trailer is mine, they can't just print off another renewal and check the numbers with the renewal that would be too easy... Reweigh the trailer new design rules to comply with. this will take some time.......

Climate change

Climate change is a load of elephant turds so to speak. Lets call it what it is!  Over population of the world by the humane species. We as humans are too abundant for our own good and are raping the earth of its finite resources and the mother earth fights back and fight back she will. You don't have to be Einstein to see what is happening you just need to look and observe  and make adjustments to the way we live. Large houses have large bills to heat them. Large TV sets to watch the rubbish that we watch. For free, there is no thing as a free lunch and there is no thing as free TV. If the time spent in front of the TV was spent in the garden growing food crops then you and I would be better off. Look I am getting on in years and I have the time to write this and many other blogs and do all kinds of things. What have we done to contribute to stop the rape of resources. For those of you who like motor racing and watch it on the TV try going out and building your own gravity racer and help the pool of knowledge get bigger. It is way more exciting sitting in the drivers seat than the lounge room seat......Cheers

Saturday, June 11, 2011

building faults

My son lived in a high rise building in Wollongong and the escape methods are much to be desired. The elevators cannot have a ambulance stretcher in them. If you have to evacuate anyone they have to be stood on there feet to get them down from the floors above ground.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

 This shows the chain block slung in the step ladder to lift the beam.The photo below shows the post sunk into the ground with out any footings.
 This is how I lifted the heavy beam to the roof line the chain was used to support the weight when not lifting.

 Bed frames are used for floor supports.

 The steps are set on steel beams and are glued into place with liquid nails.
 Hand rails are in place.
 Roof supports are going in.
 More steel ready to be joined ready for use.
 Wooden treated pine posts are used to support the steel beams there is no concrete used in this job.
 Steel beam in place.
 The final position was done with a car jack.

 Steel pin was used threw chain link to support steel beam.
 This shows the half chain link welded to the beam to lift it.


 This shows the floor rafter made from bed frames
 More of the same
 The steps were picked up for a dollar each.
 The steps are sitting on heavy steel beams and are glued on.
 Getting ready to put in supports for the roof.
 This shows the heavy supports for the floor. The last photo shows more of the same.