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Thursday, June 2, 2011

 This shows the chain block slung in the step ladder to lift the beam.The photo below shows the post sunk into the ground with out any footings.
 This is how I lifted the heavy beam to the roof line the chain was used to support the weight when not lifting.

 Bed frames are used for floor supports.

 The steps are set on steel beams and are glued into place with liquid nails.
 Hand rails are in place.
 Roof supports are going in.
 More steel ready to be joined ready for use.
 Wooden treated pine posts are used to support the steel beams there is no concrete used in this job.
 Steel beam in place.
 The final position was done with a car jack.

 Steel pin was used threw chain link to support steel beam.
 This shows the half chain link welded to the beam to lift it.

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