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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I use a credit union

I got another one of those calls again offering $700 dollars of free calls on my mobile!  He went on for some time and then asked how much was my phone bill and I said thousands. How much? Thousands of dollars.We can give you $700 free calls. Now he thinks he's got a live one and rattles on.  So I said that's good and I would accept then he wanted my bank details and I said I don't trust them. They steal all your money. Where do you keep your money? In a safe? How much do you have ? Thousands ? In a safe ? Yes . What about my free phone calls? They cost $59 . No they are free!!! No they cost. No free I will try and if I like then I would sign up for more free phone calls for free. They are not free sir ! You said they were free! After fifteen minutes he said have a nice day sir and hung up. I use a credit union and don't have a mobile! My calls are 8 cents for anywhere in the world for as long as I like! Want to know more post a comment and I will get back to you for free!!!!!

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