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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I will leave the humour for others

This site is about humour and at the same time gives us a wake up call . Keep up the good work Phil,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Mr Warren Tyson near Wagga Wagga built one before me. He developed  a turbine that would not catch flotsam during floods. It was anchored in the Murrumbidgee river near Wagga. The story below is from the web site below. I dont know if Warren has a boat mill in Australia any more.
Tyson Turbine
The Tyson turbine project was funded by AusAID. The project aim was to install a hydro electricity generator at Naravuka village near Seaqaqa in Vanua Levu. The concept was introduced as a conduit for enterprise development through the provision of electricity to a rural based community.

The inventor of the turbine Mr. Warren Tyson helped in the installation of the turbine.

Project Benefits

The Tyson turbine has been marketed worldwide as the world’s first environmentally friendly machine that provides the versatility of water pumping and power generation simultaneously. Its key benefits include:

  • Cheap remote area power supply
  • Generates up to 3 kW electricity per hour. A large village requires approximately 12 kW of power, surplus power is stored in batteries.
  • Effective water pumping operation at 0.75m/sec water flow only
  • Renewable energy system, highly corrosive resistance
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

Boat mill

This is probably Australia's first and last boat mill it was cut up and a trailer was made from the hull. It was used for camping after a night out fishing for prawns. A small water turbine was placed at the rear and was driven by the tide coming in and going out. The power was used for the prawning lights and navigation lights. This was before the use of led lights. I still have the generator but not the turbine itself  It was coupled up using
olive pipe fitting for couplings. The olives were replaced with "O" rings and gave a good positive and flexable drive.


We Australians do not always approve of our governments decisions. Most Australians are not happy with the Gillard government. We do not want war ships in our waters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cave art

Where is this? What is it about. Who did it? I know some of the Questions, where it is.

Zero waste

Regular readers to this post have read a lot in recent years about sustainable recycled and reused all cleashade words. You know the in yuppie thing. Well they are old school as the new word is zero waste. Leave no photo zit nothing zero waste. Some thing like the previous post. This is to be the philosophy of this site  from now on but also to tell a story or yarn at the same time. This is going to be a challenge and interesting at the same time. Cheers Iggle

Where is the Bubble Puppy

        OK, this is odd story

This is the Welpe Luft-Blassen  or bubble puppy in english

It was built by a Nazi scientist conscripted by the American Military to work in New Mexico during WW 2. Count S. von Teleki disappeared without trace and they claim that to this day nobody knows what the BubblePuppy was designed to do. It was was lost for a number of years until being found in an old crate in Alamogordo, New Mexico during the 1980's.

The pix are of a copy of the Bubble Puppy made by an artist who claims to have only been allowed to see a glimpse of the blueprints. The story is that its all top secret kinda shit although they never come right out and say that.

Now apparently a movie has been made about the Bubble Puppy but hasn't been released yet.

This story was copied from the above post and would like to have an answer?

Monday, November 7, 2011

World heritage area being distroyed

The Australian government is destroying the great barrier reef with the Queensland state government. Fish are inedible from Gladstone Harbour.Some people will not let there children touch the waters of the harbour.

Fish have red exploding eyes, lesions to the skin then the flesh are then destroyed. By a parasites that come from dredging.
The disease is a stress related problem.. Water quality has been effected by flood waters, What ever the problem the dredging and harbour activities should stop.
 Dredging has had to be stopped due to water quality on several occasions. Water quality is a matter of what is tested for.
 High reading of heavy metals has been recorded and follow up tests have now been carried out,  and serious issues exist Sharks are also effected.
  Fishing grounds have been affected. Du gongs are dying.and these area endangered species with over one hundred deaths of Du-gongs have been reported. Turtles are also being effected.
Vessels movements have trebled in the area. Many ports are to be developed in the world heritage area.
 If you want to see the barrier reef then don't wait as it might not be there in the future.
If there is a ship grounding again then the reef is doomed.

 Write to Tony Burke the environment minister and voice your opposition.
 The flat back turtle is under treat and is an endangered species.
 Bass bay is also under threat as well. The managers of the reef park have no teeth to stop the destruction. Thirteen % of the reef has been destroyed .
Coral is dying, Stop the resources boom at the expense of the reef, the reef is lasting resource and the liquid gas is only here for a short time....

Friday, November 4, 2011

drug sub has finally hit the water

Doing do-nuts in its own length.
At speed in a creek.
Cabin interior which is larger than a real drug sub.
This is the final post on the drug sub/ It worked as good as expected with a small problem of tracking, some work will have to be investigated on this and propeller pitch as it does as fast in idle as at top speed. The top photo shows it on the Shoalhaven river.