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Monday, November 7, 2011

World heritage area being distroyed

The Australian government is destroying the great barrier reef with the Queensland state government. Fish are inedible from Gladstone Harbour.Some people will not let there children touch the waters of the harbour.

Fish have red exploding eyes, lesions to the skin then the flesh are then destroyed. By a parasites that come from dredging.
The disease is a stress related problem.. Water quality has been effected by flood waters, What ever the problem the dredging and harbour activities should stop.
 Dredging has had to be stopped due to water quality on several occasions. Water quality is a matter of what is tested for.
 High reading of heavy metals has been recorded and follow up tests have now been carried out,  and serious issues exist Sharks are also effected.
  Fishing grounds have been affected. Du gongs are dying.and these area endangered species with over one hundred deaths of Du-gongs have been reported. Turtles are also being effected.
Vessels movements have trebled in the area. Many ports are to be developed in the world heritage area.
 If you want to see the barrier reef then don't wait as it might not be there in the future.
If there is a ship grounding again then the reef is doomed.

 Write to Tony Burke the environment minister and voice your opposition.
 The flat back turtle is under treat and is an endangered species.
 Bass bay is also under threat as well. The managers of the reef park have no teeth to stop the destruction. Thirteen % of the reef has been destroyed .
Coral is dying, Stop the resources boom at the expense of the reef, the reef is lasting resource and the liquid gas is only here for a short time....

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