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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My boy wears a blue uniform

My son wears a blue uniform at work. I asked my son to come with me to inspect one of my properties. On arrival I mentioned that he wears a blue uniform to work. Well he is a copper. The remark from the tenant was he ain't in uniform now is he. We were shown threw and given the full guided tour which included the garden. Even the marijuana crop with its flourishing plants. I was wondering why the water bill was so high? The he says I ain't stupid I don't smoke the stuff . I grow it to sell. Horrified to here this I looked at my son. Not a blink of and eye nothing. When we left he my son said you heard that didn't you. I asked the bit about the growing and selling. Yes he says. If I was to do anything there and then I would have had to caution him and then his words could have been used in a court of law. But, and here it is. You are a civilian and your testimony is admissible in court. If I did not report it (the crop) then I would have been an accomplice, and all my goods could be seized as property from criminal activity. No brainer isn't it

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