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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The killing fields

The killing fields
To participate in the slaughter of animals for food and where everything is used is not for the squeamish. It is a matter of life or death yours and mine. Until every one is able to live on just air and water then it will go on til the end of time. I know the sight of a killing field is not a thing of beauty. The question is what species the target animal plant or fish should it be?
If at a particular point in time there is an abundance of say mice should we not target these for our food supply. As humans we like the best of what is on offer even if the species is low in numbers and over killing would threaten the survival of that species even ours.
I hear that dietitians say to eat a variety of things on offer and this is best for you.
So why do we not eat animals and insects that are in plague proportions rather than say whale and dolphins.
Why do we also kill and eat the animals that are in the prime of life and are the main breeding stock.
Its because we can and we do.
Simple and selfish that is humans.
Yes like in biblical times when the nile turned red from blood so does the ocean turn red from blood in this photo.

Human health risks
The meat and blubber of the dolphins caught has been found to have high levels of mercury, cadmium, the pesticide DDT, and organic contaminants like PCBs. The levels are high enough to pose a health risk for those frequently eating the meat and researchers warn that children and pregnant women shouldn’t eat the meat at all.

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