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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Ben the tower clock in London

I here they are going to rename the clock. I think that the colonies should have a vote on the name and what it is to be. I put forward the name Big Ben and I would like to have all you vote so we can send the government of England a petition. please vote by sending a comment.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heard outside the court today

Fifteen year old boy rapes foster carers children. Seven year old boy and a five year old girl were raped by foster child aged fifteen. Punishment is eighteen months good behavior bond. Little girl was upset as it has broken her family. Yes, Here in Australia the land of the free. Want to come to Australia the place is phucked literally. Then what do we expect with a prime minister living in a unwed relationship in the lodge. Yes we have a great legal system as well.

Phycology teaching a farce

Unethical teaching by the teachers of phycology in Melbourne. As seen on ABC TV 7.30 report tonight.
I have been saying this for years but who am I but doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mental health

I think that I might have mislead some with my words of wisdom. I must admit that the mental health department has never said that they would fix the person, they were there to fix a problem. The problem is suicide. When looking at the return soldiers from any of the wars they are all thin worked hard and were deprived of the good things of life. Not that many mental issues.  They are my hero's and if we want to follow in the footsteps of anyone then why not these men and women. Instead we follow the Nazis with there electric shock torture and drugs supplied by AB Fabian who have changed there name and are still killing people today. Yes all censured by the Australian government and the legal system. Check out this video

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Forced medication or legal drug dealing and pushing.

Mental health in Australia came today and took my wife away and they asked if that was OK, I said that it wasn't and that they said they were going to take her and it didn't matter what I said, Mental health said as they was leaving we'll see me later and I said they wouldn't as I don't want them back. They said they will let me know what is happening and I said don't bother. I also said that I expressed my opinion once before and they didn't listen last time they took her and we are back in the same position as before and they didn't make things better in fact they made them worse. Electric shook torture took away her will to life.
There is a law that says that it illegal to give drugs to some one with out there permission. If someone is not in charge of there facilities then its OK to drug them. Seams there is an exception for the legal drug dealers and pushers.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

dog house

Thought you might like this picture taken in Nerriga NSW Australia. Its across the road from the Pub. Some people look after there animals here. It is easy to train the blue healer to do anything, they keep the wood up to the fire themselves. It is said that some even get the dog to light the fire but they do have trouble striking the match.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apprehended violence orders

Apprehended violence orders are orders given by the courts to stop violent offenders attacking there victims. There is no defence to these orders as a lie mixed with some truth is impossible to disprove. They take up the courts time and are commonly used by women to initiate separation proceedings with the man having no say. These orders are given to one party and are used as a tool to intimidate the other. I'm not saying that violence does not happen it does and it can be perpetrated on  men as well. I have had a weirdo neighbour use them against anyone whom he wished to control, I fought it for ten years and moved out.
Now why would I bring up such a subject? I used it to keep the mental health people from coming to my house day or night uninvited, What I did was to go to my advocate and tell them to stop the visits or an AVO would be taken against the mental health department. This was because they can threaten your way of life with court orders of there own.
If you are happy you are elevated and need medication if you are unhappy when they take your partner away then you are depressed and also need medication and a case manager. This is what they did to me behind my back.
Funny thing is the threat of an AVO worked and I have some peace of mind.
If these orders are given it is a denial of ones rights as they stop you from doing some things such as:- driving a tow truck, working for the government, owning a gun, being a member of a jury, being a director of a company and Going to The United States of America. and some other countries.
Doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire

Mental health

So your quack or nut doctor prescribed Zoloft or some other product to settle your mind. If the mind becomes frustrated for long periods of time with self talk of self destruction then some one will take control of your life to protect you and the community. Every one needs time to them selves and if this is not allowed then the mind takes over and forces itself on you weather it be good or bad depends on the self talk you use. If you have a friend in your head and he talks to you with kindness and encouragement this is a good thing and you will be fine. You are as nuts as the rest of us. If on the other hand the voice is condemning and nasty you are at a position of harm to your self and the community at large then some one will take control of your life. This is when you will be told what to do with the result of the voices condemning you more. It is about time the doctors realised this and gave people the opportunity of retraining the mind to do good and only good. The result is happier people and less demand on the system.
Doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire 

Older people with sores on there legs

It starts with an itch then a sore because the skin is broken from the scratching. Then the infection sets in with the creams that feed the infection because of one thing. Dirt, Now let me explain. When (myself included) we become lazy and stop the stretching and doing the work we used to do. Stiffness sets in we shower instead of bathing because we cannot get into or out of the bath tub. Now here is the problem we can not bend down to wash the feet and legs! So they suffer by not being clean. If you suffer from cuts that do not heal on your legs you must get into a bath tub with warm water and disinfectant in the water to kill the germs get your wife nurse or one of family to wash the legs and you will be surprised in about two weeks of this happening on a regular basis that the legs clear up. Doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old fashioned shack and the Gundagai flood

I had to go to Gundagai to let the insurance assessors into the house. This is weeks after the flood. I was shocked to see the water damage. Mould has grown on the roof walls and floor, The lining is coming away from the roof in the kitchen and one of the bed rooms the walls are now with bends and the floor is wavy and far from flat. I thought the people would have moved out in the  last month but "O" no they were moving back in rent free. I put my foot down and gave then 24 hours to vacate. I have never seen people who are so lazy. They removed the draw in the kitchen as they didn't have anything to pack the stuff into and took the entire draw leaving a hole where the draw was, didn't think I would notice.
I did a posting once on what to do with a dead cat, of course put it in the refrigerator. Here is another one more grusom than that. What do you do with a dead baby? Put it in an esky under the house, I got a my mate Harry to pick up some scrap metal and there was a fridge in amongst the steel, HE ASKED IF THERE WAS ANY BODIES IN THE FRIDGE AND WAS SERIOUS. Then he related the above story to me apparently factual and was in the papers just after I moved to Nowra. There is sink holes in the yard and I am hoping that is all they are. I wont be doing any gardening as one never knows what is going to be dug up. I am not a gardener and I think this to be a good thing in Gundagai. Turns out I got the tenents from the story. It took me two days to clean out the two sheds which are twenty by ten feet. Nothing like a good clean out of ones possessions like sweeping the mind clean. I have even put heaps of stuff on eBay and to my surprise it is getting good results.
I know I preach being happy and looking on the bright side and this took its toll on the senses. This turns out to be one of life's trying times but was a blessing in disguise.  No tenants

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shoalhaven River Valley

Small dwarf ferns

 This shows the overhang where the ferns are

 Wambat burrow filled with water

 This is a tiny little mushroom photo is bigger than full size. The below photo is of the same mushroom from standing height.
Drinking from small puddle the water was cool and sweet.

Bens walk

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Haven't we come a long way in ten years of internet

This is a view of what happened ten years ago, and we are haying trouble with our internet?

Internet has dropped.

unable to reach ISP.

Support supplies a mobile number, --> msg bank

regionalconnect site is up seems to be down.

not real convienent at the moment.

anyone else having problems?

posted 2009-May-9, 12pm AEST
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It's a little discouraging seeing as I only just joined up with them.
I'm getting a little buyer's remorse.

Does this happen often with these guys?

posted 2009-May-9, 3pm AEST
User #83457 1039 posts
Whirlpool Enthusiast

well i have only just signed up too. not looking too good

dingoblue site is up now.

let me check, oooh green light on the modem now..

yeah! so is the internets!!

damn it no its no worky, green light on the modem though,

let me reboot main PC.


damn it!

edit: Ok works now with Open DNS

posted 2009-May-9, 6pm AEST
edited 2009-May-10, 12am AEST
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On their site it says there was a power outage in sydney where their servers are located. Hoping this was a one off.

posted 2009-May-9, 7pm AEST
User #275600 20 posts
ISP Representative

Hi Guys

We have all our servers located in row 11. :-(



Window : START 11:57 9/5/09 RESTORED 18:53 9/5/09
Event :


Dingo Blue Network Operations, wishes to inform customers that all services have experienced a severe total outage today due to a power failure in the equinix data centre mascot.

All cabinets in row 11 lost power at around miday Services where restored in full by 18:53



Dingo Blue

posted 2009-May-9, 10pm AEST
edited 2009-May-9, 10pm AEST
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I'm getting REALLY dodgy connections of late. I have no connection about as often as I do have a connection and when I do it's really slow.

I know it says they have a damaged switch at the server site but there is no listed outages at the moment. I was kinda hoping to rely on this ISP for a constant stream of data, what with it being unlimited. Consistency in the speed I'm not too worried about, actually maintaining a connection though...

posted 2009-May-20, 8pm AEST
User #275600 20 posts
ISP Representative


We identified the problem and it should now be resolved. It was due to a numbr of things

(a) our remote hands incorrectly reconnected ethernet leads to a piece of equipment by accident
(b) we had a wierd udp problem appear. On advice of the hardware supplier, we performed a cold reboot of all the equipment late yesterday

The later appears to have solved the problem with the upd and the remote hands correctly connected the equipment once it was identified. If it hasnt please contact the service desk as you may have another problem


Dingo Blue

posted 2009-May-21, 7am AEST
edited 2009-May-21, 7am AEST
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It's been fine since. Thanks for the updates.
I have to say I really appreciate your attention to customer service.

posted 2009-May-25, 9am AEST
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The other Dr has been having trouble again

posted 2009-May-25, 6pm AEST
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quite annoying, some websites very slow unable to play on most game servers..
wont connect with a ping of 16680 when it does get a response.

Think its a melbourne problem, uncertain where it lies. Tracerts seem ok although they do take a while with pauses between hops. but ms seems ok. which is strange..

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms [125.168
3 29 ms 29 ms 30 ms [202.47.11
4 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms
5 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms []
6 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms [139
7 32 ms 33 ms 32 ms [203
8 45 ms 44 ms 44 ms [203
9 46 ms 45 ms 45 ms
10 45 ms 46 ms 44 ms []
11 45 ms 46 ms 52 ms
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 47 ms 46 ms 45 ms []

Trace complete.

would of thought it would be resolved by now.
I think sydney servers seem to be ok

so is it the return path maybe..?

posted 2009-May-25, 7pm AEST
edited 2009-May-25, 7pm AEST
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sent an SMS to AH support, got a call back, spent a while on the phone with Tech. sorted a few problems out. my router doing something and a change on their end caused some dramas. unsure of exact details and lingo. Can reach gameservers now so happy days again

posted 2009-May-25, 8pm AEST
edited 2009-May-25, 8pm AEST
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im considering joining this isp so id just like to know( other than the reported issues above) what is your overall opinion of this isp...i dont do gaming but i do want a 24/7 service and something with better than what im using now which is(internode) 256/128.
im looking at the 1500/256 plan..if it was somewhere between 500(at worst) and 1500 id be happy.
i use ftp not p2p

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cooking and renovation and gardening shows on TV

Lets go threw the heading one piece at a time.
Yes you all watch the cooking shows with all those fancy dishes eating your pizzas and fast food. Wishing you could do the same, Here's the secret you can. It starts with turning off the telly and going to your farmers market and getting the ingredients. Visit your local butcher and buy some of the cheaper cuts as they are the best value, If you have money to spare then the more expensive cuts may be obtained as this leaves the cheaper cut for the less privileged.
Failing that go to the supermarket and shop the walls don't go into the centre of the shop as that is where the expensive stuff is. The most expensive stuff is in the isle where the control panel of the supermarket is.
I will post a video of cooking in my house and the way it is done. Go now and check out where to get the ingredients.
Renovation shows.
Yes after demolishing the fast food you are now ready for a sleep as the sugar content in the food you have just eaten does that to you. Start small patch the hole in the wall nail the paling back on the fence Fix a chair, you might even want to try building a chook shed remembering that a chook is only about a foot high not six foot. Do some drawing of the intended subject. Make a materials list and off you go the the local demolition yard as that is where the best materials are.
Do some dreaming as that is where it starts.
Now most blokes who rent or live in a house know how to mow a lawn and this is a good start. I am not a gardener but I do possess four lawn mowers and um teen whipper snipers and some shovels and the like all bought from junk sales and the like. The thing is the TV has to go off, It will still be there when you get back and if its not that is one of those blessings in disguise.
This is enough to digest for now and I will revisit it again soon

Sunday, April 1, 2012