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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apprehended violence orders

Apprehended violence orders are orders given by the courts to stop violent offenders attacking there victims. There is no defence to these orders as a lie mixed with some truth is impossible to disprove. They take up the courts time and are commonly used by women to initiate separation proceedings with the man having no say. These orders are given to one party and are used as a tool to intimidate the other. I'm not saying that violence does not happen it does and it can be perpetrated on  men as well. I have had a weirdo neighbour use them against anyone whom he wished to control, I fought it for ten years and moved out.
Now why would I bring up such a subject? I used it to keep the mental health people from coming to my house day or night uninvited, What I did was to go to my advocate and tell them to stop the visits or an AVO would be taken against the mental health department. This was because they can threaten your way of life with court orders of there own.
If you are happy you are elevated and need medication if you are unhappy when they take your partner away then you are depressed and also need medication and a case manager. This is what they did to me behind my back.
Funny thing is the threat of an AVO worked and I have some peace of mind.
If these orders are given it is a denial of ones rights as they stop you from doing some things such as:- driving a tow truck, working for the government, owning a gun, being a member of a jury, being a director of a company and Going to The United States of America. and some other countries.
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