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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cooking and renovation and gardening shows on TV

Lets go threw the heading one piece at a time.
Yes you all watch the cooking shows with all those fancy dishes eating your pizzas and fast food. Wishing you could do the same, Here's the secret you can. It starts with turning off the telly and going to your farmers market and getting the ingredients. Visit your local butcher and buy some of the cheaper cuts as they are the best value, If you have money to spare then the more expensive cuts may be obtained as this leaves the cheaper cut for the less privileged.
Failing that go to the supermarket and shop the walls don't go into the centre of the shop as that is where the expensive stuff is. The most expensive stuff is in the isle where the control panel of the supermarket is.
I will post a video of cooking in my house and the way it is done. Go now and check out where to get the ingredients.
Renovation shows.
Yes after demolishing the fast food you are now ready for a sleep as the sugar content in the food you have just eaten does that to you. Start small patch the hole in the wall nail the paling back on the fence Fix a chair, you might even want to try building a chook shed remembering that a chook is only about a foot high not six foot. Do some drawing of the intended subject. Make a materials list and off you go the the local demolition yard as that is where the best materials are.
Do some dreaming as that is where it starts.
Now most blokes who rent or live in a house know how to mow a lawn and this is a good start. I am not a gardener but I do possess four lawn mowers and um teen whipper snipers and some shovels and the like all bought from junk sales and the like. The thing is the TV has to go off, It will still be there when you get back and if its not that is one of those blessings in disguise.
This is enough to digest for now and I will revisit it again soon

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